Radisson hotel causes signposted paradox

That sound you can hear is reality eating itself. Taken outside the Radisson hotel in Dublin, courtesy of avid Bitterwallet reader Kevin:

Bitterwallet - no signs allowed, says sign that says no signs on the sign that says no...


  • andy y.
  • Ronald M.
    I like big macs.
  • me
    Are there any foxes here?
  • Nobby
    Someone should amend it to say "PADDY AND MICK".
  • David
    This is funny and ironic, it says signs are not permitted in this area, but it's a sign itself! laugh out loud!
  • Wonky H.
    I finger badgers. With a mask on.
  • The B.
    Henry, do you mean the badger wears a mask? If so, do you put the mask on or do you look for wild badgers wearing masks? Or are you alluding the to the badgers face as a "mask" because of the stripey nature of it? And finally, if you do look for wild badgers wearing masks, how successful are you?
  • Skymarshall
    Comments aren't allowed here.
  • Jack
    Hey how come they're allowed a sign? It doesn't make sense.....oh I get it LOL
  • Superior B.
    I heard that 90% of badgers suffer from chronic medomalicuphobia. Henry, any clarification on this?
  • Brian
    Hi, Brian here. This looks like a photo-shop to me. Why is there on bird shit on the sign with all those trees near it?
  • F. F.
    it used to say "It is an offence to commit a sexual act with an underage badger"
  • Klingelton
    is medomalicuphobia a posh word for a flop on?
  • Wonky H.
    How old does a badger have to be ?
  • F. F.
    According to the internet (which is never wrong) badgers live up to 14 years. So either there always underage or about 2.5 years - it's your call...
  • James D.
    To avoid temptation, I've always said to myself badgers are underage.
  • Wonky H.
    The old Wonky Henry you knew and hated has gone. Foxes or badgers shall never be mentioned again. /\ /\ //\\_//\\ ____ \_ _/ / / / * * \ /^^^] \_\O/_/ [ ] / \_ [ / \ \_ / / [ [ / \/ _/ _[ [ \ /_/
  • Wonky H.
    that's what the foxes look like after I bummed them

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