Radical! A very human price FAIL at HMV

Oh, how we've laughed at the pricing errors in supermarkets and online over the years. But it takes a special skill to screw up a sale offer with your own bare hands, and then for nobody else to notice. It's not like this is a CD tucked away on the shelves of HMV in Reading, is it? Props to you guys, and to avid Bitterwallet reader Ben for the pic:

Bitterwallet - radical human price FAIL at HMV


  • coversnail
    Don't think this is quite as stupid as it seems, think the original price was £129.99
  • basquille
    I actually think the original price was £79.99 and the new price is £29.99, so they're reversed!
  • Johnters
  • kev
    O RLY?
  • The B.
    Wow, a deck to play a game, why not just got out and use a real skateboard?
  • Michael
  • Yue
    This isn't a story. It's an underpaid worker with a hangover being forced to label every single sale item by hand because the company is too up itself to buy accurate sale stickers.
  • Smiler
    Its his or hers job Yue. Cant be that underpaid if they can get drunk the night before, no one is forcing them to work there!!!!
  • donttouchthehair
    Plus, if they work there then they can get a staff discount on the £79.99. Winner!
  • PokeHerPete
    LOL! Its funny because the HMV member of staff write the original price in the sale price box and vice versa!
  • Smiler
    Give it up for Sherlock!
  • Stewie G.
    I too actually think the original price was £79.99 and the new price is £29.99, it's a mistake.
  • rob
    Obviously it's a mistake!
  • Junkyard
    I think what's happened is that the member of staff has mixed up the original price and the discounted price. It's a some kind of "mistake", if you will.
  • Milky
    Gaah to think this shite has provoked so many replies making it apparantly news-worthy, & now look just what you've done, you've made me add to the bloody comments too! right you lot, behave yourselves or it'll be an early night to bed, no tea, no telly, & no overpriced xbox kinect!
  • Stewie G.
    laugh out loud at Milky......

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