Rachel goes from S Club 7 to five a day

It’s always tragic when we see one of the great artistic icons of our time finding themselves reduced to the status of a shill, flogging some lukewarm product or other simply because all other avenues appear to be closed off to them.

But that certainly isn’t the case for Rachel Stevens, who is the new singing voice of the Ella’s Kitchen range of kiddie foods. She’s recorded five ‘Tasty Tunes’ for the company, in a move that is in no way degrading for someone who was topping the charts less than a decade ago.

‘Fruit And Veg Can Make Me Smile’ – total CHOON!


  • Steve O.
    Still would.
  • veedubjai
    Who wouldn't?
  • Razor
    Good to see she's encouraging young girls to gobble up 5 a day...
  • SkepticSausageEater
    Wot a load of bollocks. Kids don't eat veg because you sing them songs.... if you start them as you mean to go on, i.e. early. If you can't be arsed to eat veg yourself, SClub 7 isn't going to get them to eat it. Grow veg in the garden, something easy like carrots or spuds. My two love having a carrot from the garden - especially the purple carrots. I would too btw.... if she asked nicely and offered me some broccoli.
  • Dick
    Yeah, definitely in-out with her.
  • Mike s.
    It feels just like when you wasn't famous. Allegedly.
  • Q
  • Bazinga
    There ain't no party like her giving you five a day.
  • Axis
    To quote a friend: "I'd use her shit for toothpaste"
  • Fat S.
    Fruit and Veg can make you smile? Yeah if its shoved up your arsehole you mucky little bleeder rachel. I'm hungry
  • klingelton
    I hope she has pet insurance because I'm going to smash her pussy.
  • Rusty B.
    Not sure about the fitness, the moustache suspicion was always the major factor. Still, I'd defnitely thumb my balls into her harris.

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