QUIET...this is a library...that now offers legal advice...

Bitterwallet-Len-Dastard-featuredEscuche arriba, hermosas personas! It is I, Len Dastard, full time litigation executive and part time pretend lucha libre! I get my kicks from assisting the fearless consumer. There is nothing that Len wouldn’t do for you. Believe that.

Plans are afoot to equip Britains 4,000 libraries with Instant Law video conferencing facilities which will provide legal advice by webcam for free from a legally qualified representative. The information currently available states that the conferencing will be in a "secure location" within the library.  It will be interesting to see whether all 4,000 libraries ensure that the area is secure and all confidential information isn't discussed publicly.

Instant Law had originally planned to set up these booths in shopping centres but decided, following a discussion with the manager of Europe's biggest library in Birmingham, that this system was best placed in libraries. If you have recently visited a WH Smiths, you might have noticed that they now have a 'Quality Solicitor' kiosk where you can pick up the telephone and be routed to a local solicitor to obtain legal advice. I personally wouldn't be surprised, based on the amount of these stored nationwide, if that had a bearing on their decision from moving from shopping centres to libraries.

The service will cover family law, employment, debts, wills, landlord and tenant, personal injury and even criminal matters.

Whilst the service is being billed as free, the first 20 minutes will be free of charge for the "initial consultation" and then any subsequent advice will be charged. At the end of this consultation the legal advisor will give an estimate of ongoing costs before you decide whether you wish to instruct them. Instant Law estimates that one in ten users will proceed with their quote.

There will also be designated computers where users can access free general advice and also put together their own legal documents.

At the moment the system is already in place at Birmingham central library, Marylebone and also Westminster.

Would you make a special trip to your library if you were in need of some legal advice or would you rather cut out the hassle and telephone a solicitor's office to speak with them direct? Not all firms offer a free consultation but many do.


  • Mike H.
    Yeah, the Len Dastard thing isn't really funny anyone. Infact, it was never funny and it never will be, ever. A wrestler? Fighting for consumer justice? Aren't wrestlers actors and inner homosexuals? So, you're faking it and kidding yourself, Len.
  • Charmane
    Sands grate, I wanna sue my council cos I fell ova da kerb wen I wus drunk, and I wanna sue ma landlord cos he ovacharges and I wanna sue anniwon I can cos I wants loadsamonneeeee, den I can get maself a Fiat 500 init, I's gonna be rich.
  • Boris
    I like well oiled up wrestlers and I am not gay Mike. I always giggle because Dastard sounds like bastard. It is jolly funny when something sou ds rude but isn't. Sadly I can't think of any other examples at the moment.
  • Can y.
    Hmmm... Instant law's vacancies make fun reading - I can't see too many solicitors with expertise in all the required areas signing up to a full time £20k per annum job. Yes, it is a wage, in these hard times but a decent paralegal can earn more.
  • shoplifter
    Have Him Len...I know you can do him!
  • graeme
    1 person gave a shit, Len. 40 odd people gave a shit about pizza with a fucking sausage in the crust.
  • bananas
    Bitterwallet should know their audience. More chicken-in-a-can.

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