Quidco and ASDA lead the way for lady-themed consumer incentives

Obviously we're big fans of Quidco in the Bitterwallet bunker, but today we've a new found respect for the cashback website. We sent their team a long list of ideas to improve the company and make it indispensable to us in particular. Now they've responded to at least one of our specific requests, as spotted by avid Bitterwallet reader Ross:

Bitterwallet - ASDA gashback


  • PokeHerPete
    Ross also spends his time cutting his face out of images and attaching them to porn stars.
  • Ross
    The actual porn stars or pictures of them in magazines ?
  • Morocco
    So, you get 8% of a gash, or a gash rated at 8%? Doesn't sound particularly tempting either way.
  • nicholson101
    This is good as i'm always short of gash.
  • Retard
    gash & school uniforms [yum]
  • Junkyard
    I don't know, I once went out with this girl, 8% of her gash would have been about right.
  • The B.
    I don't know what you're moaning about, surely the smaller the gash the better?
  • Issac M.
    @ Bob, not all of us subscribe to the same peado fantasies that you do
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    I do
  • The B.
    Wow, I hadn't even thought about shagging kids, I was more concerned with feeling something, shows where your mind dwells, still, you keep repressing those urges and kids will be safe eh?
  • Gary G.
    Sounds good to me - will be placing my order shortly - do they deliver to Vietnam ?

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