Quick everyone - trips to The Moon!

Avid Bitterwallet reader Joseph Croot is sweating and nervous and probably a little bit tense, or so we imagine. Feel free to play some scary music in your head as we let him explain....

“Saw this down North Road in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. No idea what it's about, as it was pointing to a disused car park. I will investigate further though, and send another correspondence from, hopefully, The Moon.”


Watch this space for further developments. Oh and if you’re a resident of Southend who can provide a rational explanation for this, keep it to yourself eh?


  • andy y.
    The Moon my arse.
  • andy y.
    Wanna see my Southend?
  • jax
    @andy of yarm Not if its anything like Uranus
  • zeddy
    Must be something to do with all the space cadets that they have in Southend.
  • Dunky
    Been there...boring....no atmosphere!
  • Mark C.
    Either someone in that car park is giving phenomenal blowjobs, or Jackie Gleason is offering free punches in the face. Maybe both.
  • Dick
    You sure it wasn't pointing to Roots Hall?
  • Ana
    Any ideas yet? its still there and its still an empty car park! ¬_¬
  • Sheila
    Sign still there as of 10/01/2012 found this on another website Miss Dover and I visited Southend today to finalise details for our upcoming show at Tap gallery. To her credit M did not bat an eyelid when we told her of our plans to black the entire space out. She not mind either my erroneous AA sign being placed outside her gallery nor Miss Dover's plans to release a tumbleweed upon the public. All ideas were received with equanimity, happiness even. It was not until she saw one of my suggestions for publicity image (a sexy shot of my novel on a fur rug) that she looked a little disturbed. After much tea and discussion about communist spies and exams we headed home, (this was our second visit together to Southend and we had failed to see the seafront yet again).
  • Fiona
    I'm a resident of Southend, the sign is still there as of 2/3 and I have NO rational explanation of it. My 11 year old step son and I are intrigued!

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