Pub profits give George Osborne three times the amount a landlord gets

When George Osborne was booed by thousands of people in a stadium this summer, it was one of the few times this fair isle felt truly unified. Still booing, however, is our pub landlords. And rightly so.

Figures suggest that that blithering shit hamper at the Treasury is siphoning off an astonishing £145,000 a year from each landlord in tax, per year. That's according to Enterprise Inns, who point out that Gideon is making three times the amount than each pub landlord.

The reason for this is preposterous beer duty, which stands at 55p from each £3 pint, not to mention VAT, business rates and employment tax.

Chief exec Ted Tuppen said: "It’s dreadful. On average the publican, our tenant, makes £45,000 a year. The Chancellor, from duty, VAT and everything else, gets £145,000. We’re just a tax collector for the Government now."

He added: "If they ever did anything about beer duty the health lobby would be down on them in a shot." But sod health lobbies right? We want our lovely booze and, besides, the pub is a much more vital cog in the community than some berks in ill-fitting suits down in Westminster.

In the past few years,  beer duty has rocketed up by 42% and in that time, pub closures has hit 7,000 mark, which is ludicrous. Worse still, beer duty is expected to go up by a further 2% on top of inflation next spring.


  • JonB
    IMHO £45k is a good wage - £19k more than the national average. If 55p is duty then what about the other 245p? If VAT is 45p then £2 is the cost of making the beer (miniscule) and a big fat profit for the breweries. My wife used to arrange tenancy agreements between pub landlords and the brewery owners and they are cut-throat. I think the landlords should be shouting about that more than a couple of pence of extra duty and tax each year.
  • Boring B.
    Pubs are for drunkards and alcoholics, neither of which society benefits from. Just get rid of pubs, and all alcoholic beverages George.
  • Mr M.
    £45,000 for a pub landlord, that's crazy money!
  • kdent
    I am a pub landlord with Enterprise and I don't know a single Landlord that earns half the 45k figure stated in this article, very misleading. The beer duty escalator and VAT rate for this country is vastly disproportionate to the rest of Europe and will eventually cripple the hospitality sector in this country. Hotels/Bars/Restauraunts...etc are one of the biggest employers of young people in this country and with just a small amount change this industry could thrive again providing Jobs, Employment contributions, VAT, Business Rates, etc... Very short sited policies by the government at the moment that could damage the trade irreparably.
  • oliverreed
    It's a 7 day a week job plus the hours are massive, I wouldn't do it for 45k.
  • The M.
    Next thing you'll be saying most of the price of a packet of fags is tax...
  • klingelton
    i've not heard of the average pub landlord earning 45k, most do it for the love of the job. The wages are meagre.
  • Sicknote
    What is all the fuss about....? A pub landlord is a revenue collector for the exchequer. Customer buys a pint of beer that attracts tax revenue, the landlord collects that tax revenue and then passes that tax revenue to the Government. It's a little bit like 99.99% of other UK VAT registered companies.

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