Promoting a small cathedral city? The drugs do work

In our quest to find the best job on the planet, we've become aware of two unlikely contenders - marketing officer for Chichester council, and creative director at Southern Railway's advertising agency. One of these positions - we're not sure which - clearly rewards the individual concerned with skips full of mind-addling hallucinogenics and bags of special sweets:



  • Joff
    I must be missing something.
  • Nigelgos
    me too...
  • Bishop
    copenhagen = capital city of Denmark, population over 1.1m chichester = pokey town my dad comes from with less than 30,000 people living there
  • SJT
    still don't really see why this is funny/interesting/amusing.... ?
  • acecatcher3
    guys if u save the picture, rotate it 180degrees ull see the funny side.
  • JorgenSmorgenson
    You can be amazed from how the same Chichester really actually is like Copenhavn (Copenhagen ). I come from a small town called Asnæs and recently when I got marries to my beautiful Danish kvone, my friends blindfolded me and left me in Copenhavn with no krone, no mobile phone.. not a thing. I could not understand how many England people were there and could not understand how nobody speaks Danish. It turned up to be that they dumped me in Chichester. I did finally make it to our wedding, where we got marryed together.
  • acecatcher3
    instead of a honeymoon you should have gone on an intensive spelling course. x
  • MinstrelMan
    ****whooooooosh***** way over your head eh? he's obviously pretending to be scandanavian....... possibly from ikea.
  • acecatcher3
    u know i did think that mm but only half way thru typing so i thought id go with it apologies js...see im such a nice guy able to admit my mistakes. anyways wheres this video fool! maybe i shud email bw and ask if they can do a full article on it. love me x
  • Nobby
    Who the fuck wants to go to Copenhagen anyway? Old or New.
  • Andy D.
    Wow - we used to have another reader called bawbag. He once made a joke about pushing women down stairs which we felt we couldn't publish. Hope your contributions will be more witty and insightful. Welcome aboard.
  • MinstrelMan
    i loll'd
  • Dave P.
    @AndyDawson... Whats wrong with pushing women down stairs? The bitch messed up my dinner!
  • Andy D.
    Very good DBP. Completely out of step with your butter-wouldn't-melt persona over on HUKD - where you post under a different name, obviously. We know who you are though.
  • acecatcher3
    lol andy is owning today! (hoping that me being nice means that he wont turn on me) love u dude gay hugs xxx
  • Jaysusbeeebebeebeeebeee
    DBP - I just came back from hospital after trying to live like you ... but I cooked my own dinner. fail :(
  • British B.
    [...] So what happens if you plugging the same consumption figure into calculators for other suppliers? Not surprisingly, the results are as different as chalk and cheese, as unrelated as Chichester and Copenhagen: [...]
  • Ian T.
    You guys obviously haven't seen the poster for Portsmouth. Aparently it's the new Malta! No idea why.

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