ProCook are the good guys as they honour pan price error

Screen Shot 2012-10-04 at 10.20.50 We deal-hunters are all way too familiar with the misprice that is never honoured – usually perpetrated by one of the retail big guns. Someone makes a ‘mistake’ on the website, a 50” TV is offered for £99, everyone on HotUKDeals piles on before the offer is withdrawn and all the orders are cancelled. So many times, so much heartache.

But hey, what’s this? Why it’s a misprice that has been HONOURED, and what’s more, it’s cost the merchant a cool £10,000. To be honest, they must be mad – we hope it doesn’t contribute to their demise.

The company are ProCook and towards the end of last week, a frying pan with an RRP of £18 was listed on their site as costing ZERO pence, with £4.95 delivery. Naturally, it made its way on to HUKD and a bunch of people ordered it, fully expecting to never see the thing.

Sure enough, the price rose again a few hours later and it looked just like another offer that was too good to be true and wouldn’t be honoured. But then it was. ProCook decided that they were going to do the decent thing and dispatch one pan to every person that had ordered one. However, the people who had cheekily ordered 40 of the pans would only get one, which is fair enough really.

ProCook sent this email to everyone who had ordered the magical pan…

Dear Customer,

You may be aware that over the weekend we had a system error on our website, the result being that our 28cm Fusion frying pan was showing at a cost of £0!

Clearly this was an error for which we apologise, and it is now showing at its proper price of £18 (High St price £36) which, we are sure you will agree, is still great value.

However, we recognise that you really wanted to enjoy the opportunity of receiving a free frying pan and so, as a gesture of goodwill, we are going to send you one free of charge in any case. If you ordered more than one frying pan then you are welcome to reorder any quantity over and above your free one but at the correct price. P&P charges, where applicable, will still be charged to your account.

As we have to amend our system and sort out the huge number of orders we received for this item you will hopefully understand that your order will take a little while to process and we respectfully ask for your patience until the end of the week to receive your parcel.

With best wishes,


Paul Nikkel, some bloke from HotUKDeals, parped: “ProCook’s response to the price glitch has been first class. They don’t have a legal obligation to honour it, but they are savvy enough to realise that a swift, fair response will enhance their reputation with shoppers. We and our members welcome their stance and only wish other retailers were as fair in their treatment of price glitches.”

Here’s the happy ending – over the past day or so, HUKD users have started taking delivery of their free pans! Here’s one as photographed by ‘bossyboots’ for the site.


We’re almost in tears here. So beautiful. So much pan love.


  • captain c.
    Procook are not cheap, but the quality of the stuff I have bought is outstanding; all those people with the free frying pan will be using them for a LONG time!!
  • Cheesey
    Those who ordered 40 are cheeky ferkers and shouldn't even get one.
  • Nikey H.
    Why do I miss things like these even though I am checking HUKD nearly every hour ?
  • Paddy
    Fair dues to them-they didn't have to do it and other companies would do well to learn from them. I've got Procook utensils. They're 'not the greatest' to be perfectly honest. The fish slice fell apart after a week-I couldn't be arsed to return it. I'm going to replace the lot but I certainly won't be buying their utensils again...
  • Spencer
    I for one can only (golden) shower this top notch piece of reporting with praise. well done BW you've done it again.

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