Probably be nice with a bit of cheese on them...

10 December 2012

Christmas is approaching and the pickers in the supermarkets aren’t getting all of the online orders quite right. But at least they’re being festive, as avid Bitterwallet reader and Twitter power-user @notlikeparis says: ‘Ordered cream crackers from Asda. They didn’t have any. This was the replacement item.’



  • Darren
    when they bring the items to the door you have the option to accept the replacement item or not. so basically this person wanted to make a point and get "noticed" so accepted the item and then posted it everywhere.. Also I do not see a receipt proving this was a replacement item. I ordered a pack of hot dogs and they delivered a Doberman Pinscher, wasn't I surprised....
  • Rob
    Yeah, you do get the chance to reject replacement items. You have to be good at decoding a cryptic description of the product ASD MED AST NUT etc before deciding if you want to keep it or not. Not easy to find them either when they're somewhere in the sea of carrier bags that have just been deposited across your hallway.
  • Alexis
    Cheer up Darren. It's Christmas!
  • Sicknote
    I bet that @notlikeparis what with being a Twitter power-user is a completely boring twat who lives on their own and cries themselves to sleep.
  • Raggedy
    What IS a Twitter Power-User? Someone who writes stuff like: 6.30AM. Woke up! Yay another day. 6.32. Went to bathroom. Thank heavens it's still in the same place. 6.34. Brushed teeth using a blue Oral-B toothbrush and Minty Toothypegs. 6.39. Went downstairs using the stairs. Life is so good. etc etc etc
  • Kevin
    'Not easy to find them either when they’re somewhere in the sea of carrier bags that have just been deposited across your hallway.' Looking at the size of the box it would be pretty damn easy to notice it, especially if you'd not ordered them.
  • Darren
    @Kevin so true, and If they tell me there is an replacement and I do not want it, I tell them and let them dig through to find it!

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