Primark to sell their wares through ASOS

childcarryingclothes Want cheap clothes online? Well, Primark have done a deal with ASOS so they can sell their clothes on the internet for the first time.

Primark have said that the deal is a "very limited trial" as the company want to get an 'insight into online retailing'. There'll be a collection of 20 womenswear products, including a horrible studded parka.

A Primark spokesman said: 'Primark is undertaking a very limited trial of online sales with ASOS. This trial relates to a small number of fashion items and will give the company some insight into online retailing."

It makes sense for Primark to go online, as they're one of the few retailers who haven't suffered in economic gloom.

So there you have it. Primarni, now available online and ready to trounce the competition. We can only hope everyone else starts dropping their prices too.

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  • badger
    Won't the delivery charge cost more than the clothes?

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