Primark thriving amid UK retail doldrums

primark2 High street retailers are feeling the squeeze left right and centre at the moment but it’s not all doom and gloom everywhere. Over in the more ‘affordable’ section of the high street, things are ticking over nicely.

Primark have announced a rise in annual sales, with talk of some ‘particularly strong’ summer trading in the UK being bandied about as Primark tries really hard not to look overly-pleased with itself.

Like-for-like sales are up by 3% while total sales (including new store openings) have shot up by 15%. More words that are being thrown around Primark HQ include ‘thriving’ and (wait for it) ‘gaining market share’. It’s almost sexual.

The chain now has 242 stores across the land with 19 new ones opening over the past year and a second large store on London’s fashionable Oxford Street due to open later this month.

Are YOU a Primark user? What keeps you going back. And will they send us one of their mens’ all-in-one tiger suits as a thank you for this not-unfavourable piece of coverage? Who knows…


  • Mr. P.
    More Primarks? God help us.
  • Sicknote
    Yes, that's because they sell cheap clothes made in Filipino sweat shops - it's not rocket science is it? Are YOU a Primark user?...user of what - surely you mean Are YOU a Primark customer?
  • james D.
    well it makes sense, people still need clothes if they have less money they buy cheaper clothes.
  • Dick
    What keeps me going back? The fact that I know a small child will eat tonight if I buy a pair of pants. Since he has earned his dinner money by working all day.
  • badger
    Yeah, I shop there, happy that I'm keeping seven year-old Bangladeshis in worthwhile jobs. After all, if they weren't at work they'd only be picking over rubbish heaps. You're welcome.
  • Zleet
    T-shirts are quite well made. I suppose the small hands can do really fine stitching.
  • in k.
    Same factories being used as most other highstreet retailers Some work on very small margins and sell lots ie Primark Some work on very high margins and sell less all factories and suppliers are audited

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