Primark now giving advice on your rock 'n' roll t-shirt

harry_styles_ramones_tshirt_432_514_76A lot of people get really, really narky when they see young attractive people in t-shirt that are emblazoned with a band logo, with the assumption that the young attractive person couldn't have ever even slightly heard of the band in question.

You will have seen it happen - pot-bellied blokes tutting at young girls with Iron Maiden tops on, or greying, craggy old musos rolling their eyes at everyone wearing a Ramones t-shirt.


Well, Primark are offering to help, just in case a muso decides to give a young fashionista a pop quiz for no good reason. They've done a blog where they offer advice about the bands that appear on popular shirt and you can see that here.

They give formation dates and tell you who the lead singer is as well as their 'key look'.  So, in the case of The Ramones, they tell us that they wear "leather jackets and lots (and lots) of hair!" and that they are "often noted as the first punk rock group. Ever."

The Beatles meanwhile have a key look of "THE 60's suit" and "they’re the best selling band of all time in the US. How cool is that!" So if you're planning on quizzing someone in a Fleetwood Mac t-shirt, there's no point because everyone now knows all they need to know about the band (that their look is 'hippy kings and queens').


  • fox f.
    How fricking glib can today's youth get? (Mof, perhaps you ought to use the mario pic below as well, it pretty much summises your piece). feckless fashion eh? stupid kids need beating.
  • Billybob
    Here's a freakin' idea, just listen to the band instead of needlessly learning about them. I like the ramones as I do a lot of other bands but I couldn't answer a pop quiz on formation dates and what ever rubbish info theyre giving out

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