Price of stamps goes up!

1p stamp Like writing letters to people? Haven't quite got the hang of the whole texting, social media, emails, and everything thing yet? Well, the Royal Mail have put their prices up for both first and second-class stamps. That's a penny extra on each.

So now, a first-class stamp is going to cost you 64p, while a second-class stamp will be 55p. Also rising by 1p, is the price of large letter stamps, and these changes are in place already, so there's no use moaning about it to anyone.

Why the price rise? Well, a spokesperson for the Royal Mail said: "We have carefully considered the impact on our customers and our own business before deciding to apply the smallest possible increase in stamped letter prices."

The price of stamps has gone up frequently, and more than doubled in 16 years. This of course, has something to do with the internet - as more and more people communicate through the dizzying amount of options online, there's not as much need to send a letter. With less letters being sent, that means the Royal Mail's margins change.

Of course, there's options when it comes to sending parcels too. While the Royal Mail is still your best bet for sending letters, if you're sending a package, it is worth shopping around - couriers sometimes have better prices.

If you're sending parcels, check out the competition like myHermes, Parcel2Go, and others - but always read the small print.


  • Jessie J.
    Just don't use YODEL. 64p for a letter that may or may not get there the next day! Jebus Crist. Do it like a brother.
  • Martin
    The price of stamps has never covered the price of the daily delivery service. And they have to keep doing that to be in business whereas all the other companies can just concentrate on the profitable parcel market. And because of that they are often much better. But if you can get a courier to send a letter to the other side of the country for only 64p go for it.
  • Dave
    64p to send a letter to the other side of the country in under 24 hours is still the bargain of the century.
  • Marvin
    Until you consider we paid for the initial infrastructure to send that letter for 64p (within 3 days, not 24hrs) to the other end of the country.
  • Raggedy
    @ Marvin You mean we can opt out of what they spend our taxes on? Send me the form!
  • Steve
    Unfortunately, my post appears to only get delivered on a Friday. Think the postman stacks it up in certain parts of the road until certain days and the post office (Royal Mail) have accepted the situation is under control. Even with 1st Class (ha ha) post. It's easier & cheaper to do everything electronically but some official sources do not understand when you say I want it tomorrow !!! Tomorrow costs £6.95 not 64p - Just another con.

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