Premier Inn goes Firth in search of tepid press opportunity

28 February 2011

You've got to hand it to Premier Inn - they never miss an opportunity for some wretchedly piss-poor marketing opportunity.

And so, fresh from the success of last night's Oscars, Colin Firth has yet another reason to celebrate - according to this freshly-laid press release. The lucky, lucky bastard:

Bitterwallet - Premier Inn Firth Floor

Just imagine how much fun their guests will have celebrating Firth's win. Go on, have a go. It's simply too much fun to comprehend, isn't it? So much fun in fact, that your mind will probably go full circle and you'll be left wondering why the fuck they bothered in the first place.

[@BadJournalism on Twitter] via [TwitPic]


  • The B.
    Who knew that Colin Firth had done Meg Tilly? Lucky sod (well, when she was younger).
  • Richard M.
    This will be handy for them if Chris Eubank ever stays there.
  • Faceman
    Eastleigh is not close to Grayshott.
  • Dick
    They must have partnered Ryanair or something. Eastleigh is about 40 miles away.
  • Mark C.
    There's something remarkably Alan Partridge about this story.
  • Dom
    Surely It Should Have Been The Fourth Floor They Re-Named The "Firth" Floor?
  • Dumpy
    I for one originally come from Winchester and attended Montgomery of Alemein Secondary School-now King's School- as did the illustrious Mr Firth and think they should rename the first year as the FIRTH YEAR! just for fun and especially for all those children with lisps from Winchethter!
  • Pedant
  • Dumpy
    What about re-naming any middle floors as Middleton Floors in honour of the up & coming royal wedding! I'm sure Miss Middleton would appreciate the gesture - and oh what fun! Seeing as Eastleigh is just as close to Buckleberry!

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