PowerPlay closures, but not in administration - company statement

6 January 2011

Yesterday Bitterwallet reported that entertainment retailer PowerPlay Direct may have gone into administration following reports of their website shutting down and the closure of some high street stores.

Is it squeaky bum time for customers who have placed orders with the company? Hopefully not - we've now heard from a representative at PowerPlay Direct, who provided the following statement:

Powerplay Direct Ltd has made the planned decision to close parts of their multimedia retail division which, regrettably, are no longer viable.

The web sitepowerplaydirect.com and their Hereford store closed on 4 January 2011. However the flagship store in Leicester remains unaffected and will continue to trade with business as usual.

The two areas combined represent less then 1% of the Groups activities.

Anybody who has recently placed an order through the website and is concerned can contact the company at [email protected]


  • Adam2050
    Ahh this is bad, thought they were a decent little company.
  • Peter H.
    I was browsing in the Leicester store today, not having heard of bitterwallet let alone read any of the entries. I noticed that all the normal stock was marked 25% of normal price, with the 25% crossed out and replaced by a handwritten 35%. Having seen a similar patter with Zavvi who previously occupied the same site (Andy's records weren't in Leicester, but they were in Loughborough) I figured it could only mean one thing. So I looked on the internet and found the earlier entry on bitterwallet. I found this entry via the comments there. It looks like Powerplay are closing their Leicester store, leaving HMV standing alone. I am sad to see the demise of real shops, but they just can't compete with Amazon on price. However, I have supported both Powerplay and HMV knowing that they need support to stay in business. I also buy from Amazon, but it's more convenient for me to shop locally for whatever I can get locally as long as the price is reasonable. I don't mind paying a higher price within reason for the convenience of buying locally and not having all the hassle of delivery. Amazon no longer deliver exclusively by Royal Mail. They send some stuff via Royal Mail and other stuff by a variety of couriers, but it's their choice. Customers have no say in the matter. Some of the couriers deliver on Saturdays and some don't. Some have convenient pickup collection points, most don't. If HMV follow Powerplay into oblivion, I will sorely feel the losses.

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