Poundworld: where everything isn't a pound

cameron pound If you go into a Poundworld and point at things, asking the staff "how much is that?", you're not actually being funny at all because, despite claiming that everything they sell costs a quid, it doesn't.

The Advertising Standards Authority aren't happy about it either as they've noticed that Poundworld has special offers on things that cost £8.99.

To think the company slogan is 'everything £1'! That slogan is the thing that has got them into bother and someone (probably someone from Poundland) grassed Poundworld up to the ASA after noticing stores promoting 'manager’s specials' at £3 and £8.99.

The watchdog has banned Poundworld from using the slogan on its website because it is 'misleading' or, in plain English 'a honking great lie'.

They say: "The ASA considered the claim suggested that every item in the store would be priced at £1. We noted the precautions Poundworld issued internally with a view to making sure the price of items priced at more than £1 should be clear to consumers. Nevertheless, we considered that a significant draw of the claim would be that consumers would expect to pay no more than £1 for any of the items in the store. Because that was not the case, we concluded that the claim was misleading."

"The claim must not appear again in its present form. We told Poundworld Retail Ltd not to claim that all products were priced at £1 unless that was the case."


  • mooch
    But can it still use the slogan in its stores, or what?
  • Paula f.
    Looks like poundland has to tighten its migration control.
  • dvdgremlin
    So this article was written by the editor a Mr. Mof Gimmers ? Does that include the very childish pound coin with its image on it ? If so I'm sure it gives a very good idea of the schoolboy outllook on here.

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