Poundland: where the prices stay the same but the stock is gradually shrinking...

poundland There aren’t many high street shops that are thriving these days, but one that is managing to rake in the coin in the face of the recession is Poundland. It’s not hard to see why – everything is a pound, and that adds up to bargain after bargain after bargain.

Or does it? Tonight’s Dispatches on Channel 4 casts a sceptical eye over Poundland’s success – with impressive sales of £780m in the year ending April 2012, up 19% on the previous year, and pre-tax profits of £18.3m, up from £12.2 the year before.

It seems that gradually shrinking what the customer gets for their pound is the key. Back in 2007 a 10-pack bag of Quavers was £1. Last year, you got seven packs for your quid, and now it’s five packs. Last year a pound got you 12 Kodak AA batteries; now it’s 11.

Tune into Channel 4 at 8pm tonight and you’ll see plenty more. Does the gradual shrinking of Poundland’s offering bother you as a consumer, or do you accept it as fair play in lieu of price rises? Tell us, you keen-eyed consumers!


  • Big D.
    Fair play. Sounds like an exposé of nothing...
  • npfiii
    It's fair enough. They absorbed the VAT rise and kept the pries the same, it was only a matter of time before something had to give.
  • Paul
    Seems fair considering they are in a business where they cannot change the price. If that is all the show is about seems incredibly dull and not as scandalous as the adverts have been making out.
  • Kevin
    You buy what is in front of you. It's a pound, you get what they offer. For things like batteries you can't buy the same product in supermarkets for the same price so for even one less battery it's still a massive bargain.
  • LancerVancer
    Asda,Tesco and Morrisons have all been shown up on Watchdog for doing this and also putting the prices up at the same time! Poundlands a pound an item, if the item has less in than last time you bought it you can always leave it and find a better deal somewhere else. Or just spend your money on some good weed.
  • Richard
    Brilliant marketing. Gets my missus every time. Pops in for one or two things and leaves the store thirty quid lighter! absolute genius.
  • Craig
    Far enough, prices are fixed so they are left with limited options.. You do need to keep an eye out as the goods are not necessarily the cheapest especially with some of the offers going on between the retailers competing for your business..
  • Avon B.
    They could always rebrand themselves as Guinealand: Where Everything's A Pound (and 5p).
  • Chewbacca
    Pound for Pound, Home Bargains et al are far more competitive these days in general.
  • P O.
    As above, it's called inflation, keep up.
  • tin
    except that pretty much everything in poundland is utter shite, or can be bought elsewhere for (only slightly) less.
  • Dai
    @LancerVancer where can you get good weed for a pound?
  • LancerVancer
    @Dai Poundland, have you not been reading this thread? You don't get as much as you used to for your pound though.
  • Dick
    The same is true of most TV channels. They used to make decent shows. Now it's just programmes about house buying and making cakes. And Downturn Fucking Abbey.
  • Mustapha S.
    I'm just glad Lisa Riley is back on TV. My life now feels complete.
  • dvdj10
    Is this serious? People are having a go at Poundland as they're effectively putting up prices (by giving you less) Every shop out there has been putting up prices in recent years. Shock, you don't get as much petrol for a pound than you used to!
  • LancerVancer
    I'd much rather have full intercourse with Lisa Riley than watch 10 seconds of TOWIE/GEORDIE SHORE/MADE IN CHELSEA or any of the other shite that makes vapid fucktards into "media darlings". I blame all this shit on Katie Price, aka Jordan. "Yeah, i'm famous cause i"m famous. Ugly orange bint. Jeebus i need some weed.
  • Dick
    I’d much rather have full intercourse with most women on TV than watch 10 seconds of TV. Even Pat Butcher.
  • Dick
    After a quick google search, I just found out Pat Butcher is now dead. And Pauline Fowler. So lets stay safe and say Sue Lawley.
  • sicknote
    To be honest, people that shop in pound stores are in my opinion of lower intelligence as therefore are more likely not to see through the otherwise obvious marketing bullshit.
  • Kevin
    If they are that thick to not look at what they are buying then they deserve it. I buy things I want from there, one thing in their favour is that they are in the middle of towns not out in the middle of nowhere like many large supermarkets. There might be better deals, but not right in front of me.
  • Fran
    Places that are big enough to have a pound land have at least 2 supermarkets in the town (even if a few are "metro" places or spars). Best bet is to my supermarket it, have a look online at wilkos and then nip into poundland. Everyone knows you ONLY get the best deal by shopping about. Felt the whole show was a bit of hype over nothing, found the grey market products part interesting though.
  • Stating O.
    We are lucky enough to have TWO poundlands in my town - one at each end of the high street. It keeps a lot of pikeys from venturing too far in and getting underfoot with their jauntily angled baseball caps, quirky grey teeth and unwashed (Except when the fountains are switched on) feral spawn. Though the town centre is still a shocking shithole with floundering HMV and JJB stores

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