Possibly the cruellest thing we've ever seen....

Here at Bitterwallet, we do a LOT of text editing, carefully honing raw lumps of words into beautifully-sculpted news stories. As a result, we’re always on the lookout for a good piece of text-editing software that will aid us in our unending quest.

We thought we’d found the answer to all our problems with Chocolat, a free text-editor that ticked all of our boxes and floated all of our textual boats. But no, it isn’t free – turned out we’d been using a trial version. And once the trial period came to an end, this…


COMIC SANS? Fuck that.



  • Darren
    Oh come on, be serious, Chocolate? Anyone who has a clue uses Notepad ++
  • Steve
    Serves you right for using a Mac.
  • SamC
    Missed opportunity, the post should have been in Comic Sans....
  • Rob
    Bitterwallet carefully honing words. Seriously?
  • samuri
    tight fisted bastards
  • Brian
    TextMate is the ONLY text editor you can seriously use on a Mac.
  • Jeremy
    Dump those expensive iMachines. Did you know that you can get loads of editors for LinuX?
  • Jeremy
    BTW I don't think much of your Wallpaper.
  • Betty S.
    WTF is dis real?
  • Dogturd A.
    "we do a LOT of text editing, carefully honing raw lumps of words into beautifully-sculpted news stories." Fuck off. Using the copy and paste function is not exactly difficult. Anyway, you deserve it for using iMacs. Cunts.
  • Sicknote
    Mac spastics; they are funny people, especially when they start licking the bus windows with their glossy white laptops in their hands.
  • Sorry cant help however this is a common problem with trial software Search for Crack editing software. You may get lucky I got Adobe CS3 master collection that way.Worth over $3.000
  • Zleet
    If having to write in Comic Sans is the cruellest thing you have ever seen then you have never looked in my basement/secret sex dungeon.
  • A B.
    @Zleet Would it be possible to have a little play in your basement/secret sex dungeon?
  • Zleet
    @A little boy Sorry, I'm currently fritzling my secret family there.
  • james d.
    ah notepad++ you sure are wonderful.

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