Police Charged Victim Instead of Thief For Crime

http://img520.imageshack.us/img520/4370/06374376000028833003318nw8.jpgIf you ever catch a thief, think twice before turning them in. The police now seem to prefer arresting victims instead of thieves. 

Case study: A self confessed thief got off with a simple caution while his employer faced false imprisonment charges.  Simon Cremer, a local carpet fitting firm owner, discovered that an employee, Mark Gilbert, stole a company cheque from him.  Gilbert, 39, then cashed it for holiday spending money.  When Cremer and his staff caught the 39 year old thief, they paraded him down public streets to the police station.  Hanging a cardboard sign around his neck that read: ‘THIEF. I stole £845. Am on my way to police station', he was marched down the street, akin to stock from medieval times.

In an ironic twist of 'law', the police not only let Gilbert off with a caution despite forging a company cheque, but charges were made the same day to Cremer for false imprisonment.  Gilbert says that even he was surprised when his boss was arrested.  Gilbert is now planning to sue his former boss for "humiliation and upset"... after being disowned by his family.

Like handing out free flip flops to drunk women, this case clearly illustrates where the police are placing their priorities.  Whitehall statistics revealed that tens of thousands of serious criminals, including rapists and paedophiles, are receiving only a caution, and the number of criminals actually going to jail is at a ten year low. I wonder why that is.

[Navigor via Times Online]


  • Paul N.
    To be honest I'd read this story the other way around. I do not think we should be in a "vigilante" society where it is acceptable to frogmarch people down the street. People do have the right to a fair trial and freedom both of which were breached in this case.
  • Foundyouout
    Hey look it's the BNP front run by BNP activist Hurwood spamming sites again. How desperate are we getting now Uncle Albert?
  • simonb
    huh dont understand last post. well i think he got off light. i would have put him against a wall and ............... typical english justice. let the guilty go free. perhaps if it was your money (and maybe they dont have as much as you paul) perhaps they have a good reason for doing it. I get people in my shop and to be quite honest it stands out a mile that their there to go into ladies handbags or take a quick grab at the till taking if it was left unguarded whilst helping a customer (they way they act ect is a dead give away). I always wonder what would happen if i said to people "everyone be carefull we have some pickpockets in the shop". I would be doing it so the real shoppers know to be on the lookout or should i do what paul suggest and do absolutly nothing and let some poor old lady/mother get her purse snatched. according to paul (who i'm not really picking on) it's most probably their fault for having a hanbag. The guy who's doing it is a dick and now everyone knows it... whats the problem?
  • Foundyouout
    Nazigor is a BNP front Simon.

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