Pointlessly expensive, recession-busting tat here!

In these grim times of recession, there are plenty of hints and tips telling us how to save pennies here and there and hang on to whatever cash we’ve got, but why should it be so?

What about those of you for whom the boom hasn’t led to a bust? Those of you who still light your cigars with £20 notes and regularly withdraw ALL of your cash from the bank so that you can chuck it in your swimming pool and thrash about naked in it?

We’re here to help, although not with that weird pool thing. Here’s a list of 24 highly-desirable but ridiculously expensive everyday items for you to waste your excess dosh on. Gold backpack? Check. Diamond-encrusted bluetooth headset? Check. Gold-plated staples? Check.

Honestly, if there’s nothing on this list that you want NOW, you’re just not posh enough.

[Coolmaterial] via [The Presurfer]


  • Lumoruk
    perfect birthday present for JFK me thinks
  • KODAK-1946193
    That article is so interesting and makes a very nice image in my mind. That is very much helpful in nominating the board of directors.

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