Plug ugly? Prepare for the folding power supply of wonder

There are some clever sods out there. The degree to which their contributions to society affect our lives vary considerably - some invent air travel while others work tirelessly to create the perfect chocolate mousse; which is the more valuable to mankind is the subject of intense debate the world over.

This student seems to have solved a trivial problem, but one that is universally suffered by us all and is the cause of mild but recurring irritation; the packing of a packing a three-pin plug in a bag or suitcase. The prongs mean it won't slip into pockets without stretching them out of shape, they can scratch anything else you're carrying and they take up more room than they ought to. Minor complaints, but ones that will disappear as soon as a manufacturer buys up the rights to produce to this cracking concept:

Brilliant. They may want to polish up their selling technique before the all-important pitch meeting, however. How many of you will be tempted to switch off before you seen how incredibly awesome the plug board is? Yes, we're excited about a fricking travel plug. Smithers, release the hounds.



  • Tom P.
    Good idea, with i'd thought of it.
  • Tom P.
    How do you edit your posts???? Supposed to say WISH
  • Paul N.
    Wow, I want it now! She deserves whatever royalties she gets when this becomes produced!
  • Mark
    It'll need to be designed so that the cover has to fold out before going into the socket to pass the UK standard but other than that, it looks great
  • Mike U.
    Brilliant design, I wish her all the success, this is one of those devices thats going to change the world
  • Party P.
    This isn't new, I've seen something very similar years ago, I think it was on some japanese travel/camera accessory. So the patent already exists.
  • Rich
  • goon
    i think its shit. well its ok i suppose. main reason for shit rating is it looks weak and can break easily compared to a near indistructable standard moulded plug. why not jut use the euro plugs with an adaptor ? problem solved using shit thats already out there. fact
  • GrumpyOldFella
    What a cracking idea. I hope that I get to see these in the shops soon. If she gets someone to take it on she will be very rich I wouldn't wonder. ........And now a short break while we sponsor our plug.
  • Paul N.
    I don't think they'd be used for normal plugs - just ones that you travel with a lot and want the saved space. I'd happily trade the weakness for that size.
  • ld
    No moving parts in the existing - to what 4, 5 or is it 6? Didn't quite understand the internal wiring for the neutral & live pins when the unit is in the compact position. Arcing on these pins with wear? There will have to be a 'interlock' to ensure the pins aren't inserted first, then the unit rotated into the working position. Or rotated the wrong way! Assume it is wired when moulded, and not user wireable? Cable stress relief? Small fingers? Mechanical wear and tear? Some folk treat - ie abuse - the present robust standard ones very badly and just pull the cable to remove them from the socket - doubt the new design would with stand that. It simply has got to fail safe! That electricity is real 'jaggy'stuff :-) U.K Electrical regs are widely known as the best - just looking at these crappy U.S. 2 prong type - you just know they are awful ...... But hopefully,she can get all the safety and build issues sorted, so good luck.
  • The E.
    Pop over the pond love...we have a show called Dragon's Den that may interest you...
  • > H.
    ...Or you could stay where you are and go on Dragons Den US, you choose.
  • James R.
    Whena standard 240 volt plug blows I'm personally glad of the thick plastic between my fingers and certain death - bet they haven't considered the fact that the UK use 240 volt juice and NOT 110 when factoring safety. Besides. it'll never get a kitemark for that reason.

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