Playmobil set alarms both parents and potential terrorists

Take a look at the latest toy from Playmobil. You're probably think the same thing I did; what a excellent educational tool for teaching children the strict security procedures in place at our nation's airports:

Alas, Amazon's peer reviews suggests that Playmobil's attention to detail and functionality is poor, meaning our children will grow up thinking such lax security easily allows them to punish non-believers by blowing jumbo jets out the sky. For instance, reviewer loosenut took issue with the set immediately:

My 5 year old son pointed out that the passenger's shoes cannot be removed. Then, we placed a deadly fingernail file underneath the passenger's scarf, and neither the detector doorway nor the security wand picked it up.

Amazon customer W. C. Isbell "roxybeast" had similar concerns:

My family was planning a vacation to Europe, so I purchased this item to teach my twins about what to expect at the airport and hopefully, alleviate some of their anxiety. Of course, since the playmobil Dad could not remove his shoes or other clothing items, the playmobil security agent became suspicious and after waving her wand wildly a few dozen times, called her supervisor to whisk the Dad into a special body-cavity search room, which incidentally led to quite an embarrassing and interesting discussion with my twin daughters about personal hygiene and a slight adjustment to the rules we had them memorize about touching by strangers.

But worst of all, since the suitcase did not actually open, the baggage inspector made a call to the FBI and ATF bomb squadsand according to the advanced TSA regulations, had to blow it up, which we had to simulate out in the backyard with fireworks. The girls started crying. They became so hysterical by the whole experience that we could not even get them in the car when the time came to actually take our trip, and so we had to cancel the whole thing at the last minute, losing over $7,000 in airfare and hotel charges that we could not recoup do to the last minute cancellations.

The experiences suggest that what could have been a frank and neccessary lesson in how innocent citizens are presumed guilty by an increasingly fascist regime, has been reduced to nothing more than child's play.



  • Mike H.
    Thats nowt, as a nipper I had the Action-Man Vietnam brothel set.
  • MB
    I bet the alarm goes off when this guy goes through ...
  • Bigger D.
    I am assuming that the toy figures have adaquate cavities so as to secrete lego cocaine parcels where the lego sniffer dogs won't go sniffing. What next, lego going to teach kids why they shouldn't become alter-boys.
  • Bob
    Fancy fingering some beaver?
  • ODB
    Prepared you for adult life aye Mike?!
  • Mike H.
    ODB - That and gunning down the enemy with relentless force utilising a plethora of weaponary yes.
  • Bob
    Nice all i got was a crappy ambulance and a box of bricks. Kids of today are so spoilt.
  • Andrew
    Like Mike, I also had an Action Man and this taught me a valuable lesson at a young age: A plastic bag will not suffice as a parachute.
  • Bic B.
    [...] fair to say that tucked away amongst Amazon’s vast product range which includes the popular Playmobil Security Check Point, a silent battle is [...]
  • Leora S.
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