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When appeared in our Worst Company of 2008 vote, many of you were apoplectic with stunned disbelief. Accordingly, the Jersey-based entertainment retailer scored just 13% in a head-to-head with Tiscali.

When we highlighted some examples of shoddy packaging by Play, many of you leapt to their defence, shifting the blame to the Royal Mail, freak atmospheric conditions or Satan himself. Clearly there’s a lot of love out there for Play.

All of which has been confirmed today when the company topped a survey carried out by the fun-loving dudes at the National Customer Satisfaction Index. National Customer Satisfaction Index is their name, the indexing of national customer satisfaction is their game. And once the numbers have been crunched, Play come out on top. managing director Stuart Rowe reacted by bitterly lashing out at millions of naysayers, roaring: “We are absolutely delighted to have achieved first place in the National Customer Satisfaction Index ahead of all other UK retailers. This is a truly superb achievement for, especially as customer service is at the heart of everything that we do. The fact that customers appreciate the focus we give to it is a real reflection that we have been successful in our efforts.”

Then, getting well and truly warmed up, Rowe added that he and his staff would be celebrating the award by feasting on the raw hearts of a thousand virgins.  To be honest, he might not have said that last bit – we’d wandered off by then because someone said they’d seen a dog walking on its hind legs in the car park.


  • Amanda H.
    What kind of dog?
  • Andy D.
    Dunno - it had gone by the time we got there but someone said something about an Australian Stumpy Tailed Cattle Dog.
  • SimbaK2K
    They need to sort their bloody misprices out before winning any award. Reduce item, have flood loads of attention and orders, cancel orders, screw people over, and repeat. Thats all play ever do.
  • Adam2050
    At SimbaK2k. I got the far cry one where I got two copies one for the ps3 and one for the xbox for 17.99 for one 7.99 for the other depends how many try and scam the system I suppose.
  • Callum is my favourite online shop. The only annoying thing with them is no email support, you have to phone them up.
  • Mr S.
    If an online store can endorse ticket touting and still win the hearts of its consumers, it must be doing something right.
  • Ian
    I used to love Play as they don't charge postage and often have good deals on small items that aren't worth buying form Amazon etc after you've added postage. But the real test of any retailer is how they deal with problems. My Sony MP3 Walkman dies recently @ 9 months old (still under warranty). Play didn't want to know as it's over 28 days old. Neither did Sony as it's uneconomic to repair and therefore up to the retailer to replace it. I've ordered an iPod from Argos (£6 for a 3 year warranty including accidental damage cover), bye-bye Play from a former customer. Australian stumpy tailed cattle dogs can't walk on their hind legs - dogs need a long tail to keep their balance. It must've been a labrador with an antipodean accent.
  • Darren W.
    It is great, but there are other sites that are a lot better... I tend to use HMV.COM for everything now, Weekly offers on Blu Ray I always buy. But don't get me wrong, I always compare to Play first.
  • jaysexy212005
    Well done
  • Will
    Play are crap.
  • P E.
    ive used play probably hundreds of times without any problems
  • anon
    What a load of parp this survey is play openly let people illegally sell tickets to concerts above their face value. Treat disabled people with contempt and have not got a disabled friendly site, shoddy packaging prices are no longer the cheapest around one vast array of items, rubbish customer service , lack of e-mail support, postal problems, lack of information regarding their play usa store regarding customs charges and they are top laughable.
  • Greyscale
    Full stops hello! Play are decent, had many many bargains from them over the years. Saying they are 'laughable' is clearly an exagerration of epic idiocy.
  • John
    I order from Play quite a bit however I don't think their customer services are very good, while I appreciate errors do happen in orders but they're not very good at sorting them out. I ordered a series of books which were part of a special offer if bought together, they managed to get the order wrong, they managed to get the returns reason wrong somehow and with the postage costs I paid back which they didn't refund it would have been cheaper for me just to buy the books at their standard price elsewhere. The reason I buy from Play is because they're cheap and that's it, their delivery times are random and I find their customer services lacking. If I need the correct item within a reasonable amount of time I'll pay a few pounds more and buy elsewhere as with the other companies I can use I can normally trust them to send the right item and deal with it promptly if there are any issues which I can't say about Play
  • billy b.
    play suck with returns and refunds
  • -=Mike H.
    PLAY, can 'play' with my balls, no really, they can, you will? Oh that's brill!
  • The D.
    Used play many many times for different items ranging from a £350 laptop to £3 DVD's. Only had one problem when a game I ordered did not turn up. One quick phone call and I had a replacement in a few days. Items have always been well packaged as well. Are you sure it was a dog? Maybe it was just a big cat? Or a really hairy toddler?
  • Pc
    Play are very good, this place is turning into a old womens club.
  • The B.
    Well, I've ordered in the region of 500 times from play and I've only ever had 1 problem which actually worked ou t in my favour. I ordered the Yoda lightsaber (HDUK) 2 years ago and got a Vader one, they said they'd resend (but negelected to ask for the other one back), they then sent a skywalker one (but asked for it back), eventually I got the right one, it took 2 months but there wasn't an urgent need for it and I ended up getting one free so I was happy, not bad, 1 cockup out of 500.
  • Martin
    I usually order from amazon first (for larger orders) and hmv second (for one or two CDs/DVDs). I found play packaging a bit minimal. Normally the odd bump doesn't matter for a DVD case, but they damaged a box set made in cardboard sent to me. I don't see how the Royal Mail could be to blame. They may have dropped it, but Play didn't wrap it enough ... so the fault is down to play. Anyway, I have never ordered a box set form them again. And my local HMV were good enough to replace the damaged one when I told them some of the discs were skipping and I could not find my receipt.
  • Liam
    Ah the SPIN machine is working at full speed at I have ordered with them three times and had CD and DVD cases come with cracks. I complained, but couldn't be bothered to send them back. I just wont use their service again. I find their emails misleading too. "Software from £9.99" then a picture of Microsoft Office. Not true at all. I have never had ANY issues with other retailers I have ordered from - The Hut, Shop2, Amazon and HMV or even ARIA! The only quibbles I have had is the speed of delivery for most retailers which I will pin on Royal Mail. BW: Could you start a campaign for more flexible delivery? I am sick and tired of having to take days off work to wait for items coming by courier. If you want a weekend delivery, then you have to pay a lot extra for delivery. Can we please start having evening deliveries? I am sure there is a market for people who want their shopping delivered after 6?
  • MattS
    Play have always been excellent for me. Items have nearly always arrived within 2 days. Only recall one item in the last couple of years not arriving, and was replaced after the Royal Mail 30 day period. I had a mispriced item that they honoured (2x2GB DDR800 for £12.49), an item they sent me 2 of by accident (2 x 16GB USB stick for £16.00), and they generally just have a ton of bargains.
  • davies.r are very lousy where customer service is concerned IMHO. Repeatedly tried to RMA a Sennheiser product bought from them and they categorically refused to issue an RMA without requiring lengthy phonecalls to be made to discuss the warranty issue. Provided them with all of the details that they needed to know via e-mail and the e-mails went unanswered.
  • Spong D.
    "I find their emails misleading too. “Software from £9.99″ then a picture of Microsoft Office. Not true at all." I think that is absolute standard proceedure for any company!
  • como r.
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