Petrol and npower keep piling on the pounds

In the words of Professor Hubert J Farnsworth - good news everyone! And by good, we obviously mean mildly depressing and not that surprising, what with the way the country is going to hell in a hand basket anyway. According to Experian Catalist who keep their eye on such matters, the average cost of unleaded petrol has hit a record high of 121.76p per litre.

But wait, there's more! New fuel duties and the VAT increase come January means the average price per litre will tip over 125p, with the higher VAT adding 2.5p and fuel duties adding a penny. Currently the AA estimates it's already costing us £6 more to fill our tanks than it did at the beginning of the year.

Bitterwallet - new npower logoBut wait, there's more! Npower have taken the lead of three of the other big energy firms, and confirmed they'll be increasing their prices for gas and energy by over 5 per cent in the new year. The average household's annual bill will increase by £60 as a result of the rises.

Good job they're customers are entirely satisfied with their service and have little reason to leave. Oh.

But wait, there's more! No, no there's isn't. I said good day.


  • Nobby
    If you want to stay warm, go to Parliament Square and help drum up protests. Students burn stuff.
  • will
    second post of the day involving incorrect there/their/they're usage. somebody call the grammar police quick
  • PJH
    "Good job they’re customers [...]" It seems illiteracy is still cheap however. And proof readers.

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