PETA show off some dead foxes for London Fashion Week

peta foxes Good old PETA. The vegan activists are never afraid to try and turn a few heads in their attempt to get us all treating animals ethically, and to coincide with the start of London Fashion Week, they’ve upped the ante a bit.

Yesterday, PETA sent out some smart models into London’s fashionable, posh Bond Street, armed with what appeared to be some freshly-skinned fox corpses. Up and down the street they strode, holding signs that announce ‘Here’s the rest of your fur coat’.

Are you a fur coat owner? Does it make any difference to you what’s left over once your coat has been made? Do shock tactics like these help or hinder the PETA cause? And which one of the three PETA girls do you fancy the most?

Answer one or all of the questions, in any order and in any language. GO!

(more graphic pictures of the event can be seen at Global Grind)


  • She S.
    They piss in my garden, ruin the grass and leave a stink. Payback time!
  • amazon s.
    re SwaS ..damn supermodels!
  • Xodus
    When can we skin cats?
  • TeflonMan
    What, no reply mentioning fox-bumming yet?
  • Sicknote
    Treat animals ethically....don't make me laugh - we don't treat each other ethically so what hope do foxes have.
  • Stan L.
    I stood on a fox shite in my driveway , so fuck them (so to speak )
  • pedantic
    The girl in the middle looks like a crack whore
  • Roger F.
    I am vegetarian and PETA pisses me off. Bunch of holy than thou vegetarians who lost the smug perch on the high moral ground when.... Many people went veggie, so they all went vegan to keep that high pissing perch So lots of people are now vegan, so now they spend their time doing above, while probably trying to invent some sort of carbon-neutral macrobiotic whole food diet so that they can look all dissapproving at those planet killing, leaf murdering vegans. Although wearing fur is pretty grim, I think most people know now that if you buy it new you are some sort of wife of a russian oligarch, or a sociopathic cruella de ville. Both sorts of people I am unlikely to mingle with, and would avoid at all costs. Also the sort of people PETA stunts don't effect. Like this one. GOOD JOB PETA.
  • Dick
    It would be funny if a fur coat manufacturer followed them with a sign saying "Those bitches skinned foxes for no good reason, so we took the skins they dumped and made this lovely fur coat."
  • Wonkey H.
    Can we bum them?
  • Idi A.
    The one on the right is probably the best, but that's not saying much.
  • Dick
    > The one on the right is probably the best, but that’s not saying much. Yeah, so you're probably better off fucking one of the models instead.
  • Alexis
    To be fair, PETA can be a pain, but nobody should be wearing fur in this day and age. The main problem is knockoffs - for every humanely killed animal for a fur coat, there are probably 10 animals skinned alive by some chinaman to create fake versions.
  • Lois T.
    I keep looking at the photo of the "Models". They look really weird and i can't put my finger on it. In fact they look like eastern european field works dressed up for a night out in skegness. Its an odd picture indeed. They probably are saying, 'Here is the rest of your fur coat........ howsabout making a nice latvian stew with pickled cabbage. Shame to see it go to waste'
  • Chewbacca
    Animals are stupid, if they get killed... tough shit. Fed up of all this cuddly animal loving nonsense. Like Sky, constantly whining about the bollocking fucking snow leopard. There's only 35 left they say? Fuck 'em. If they were a decent species, they'd be better at suviving. And pandas? Lazy fussy cunts. Can only digest 10% of the main foodstuff that they eat? Evolution dictated they were endangered long ago, we only keep them going 'cos they look cuddly and cute. Bad tempered panda cunts! tl;dr - all animals are cunts, fuck em.
  • whasitoya
    @Alexis No manufacturer of fur coats would skin them alive, that would be the most pointless exercise imaginable, most of the animals used would easily kill the human skinning them. Peta just peddle that shit to make the fur coat manufacturers look like cunts, it's no worse than leather making it's just the animals look cute and fluffy. It's the same thing as veal and lamb, Rose veal is killed at the same age as lamb but people being stupid don't see a baby sheep, they see an animal called lamb and (because of people like Peta) veal is a poor tortured baby cow that's chained down and slaughtered with no real life. TL:DR: Peta are cunts, watch Penn and Teller: Bull Shit Peta episode
  • Bob
    they wearing leather shoes?

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