Personal privacy tonight on BBC Panorama

This is a last minute heads-up but BBC Panoroma are airing a feature on the state of personal privacy in the UK tonight at 8.30pm. The feature investigates the ease at which your personal data and privacy can be compromised by the Government or their authorised private partners through their carelessness or outright selling of your data.

The proposals by the UK government to create an uberbase of personal data makes this mainstream documentary even more relevant. If you haven't given much thought to what is going on with your personal data "behind the scenes" sit down and give some time to watching this tonight or catching it on iPlayer later.

BBC Panorama: You can run, but can you hide?


  • Vince W.
    ah, missed this. was it worth watching? anyone care to share a quick recap/summary? :)
  • Anna
    You might be able to catch it here Vince: :)

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