Pepsi - the drink of choice to force down the throats of mental patients

A couple of days ago we brought you some unusual Pepsi product placement – the world-famous fizzy brand aligning itself with a chicken owner’s workshop in Wenatchee, Washington, USA.

It fell fowl (foul) of some of you dear readers so by way of an apology, here’s proof that Pepsi have a history of, erm, slightly dubious advertisement placement…




  • Boris
    I would like you to perform one of those bows that Mr Sony had to do as an apology for the chicken cock up. That’s the only way you can placate the masses now.
  • w0nKeY h.
    Look all this chicken talk almost as much as the taste of Pepsi. And f0xes.
  • w0nKeY h.
    nuts....really shouldn't post here whilst pissed up. I didn't mean "look all this chicken talk...." I was trying to say "LOVE all this chicken talk......" right, back to my buckie.

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