Pepsi cry foul in small town sponsorship

Pepsi is one of the key sponsors of an annual fair in a US city called Wenatchee. Part of the deal is that Pepsi's logo appears on all the vinyl event banners displayed across the city during the fortnight-long Apple Blossom Parade.

Some of the banners promote classic car rallies and craft shows or special offers for attendees. Then you have this. Somewhere in Pepsi HQ, a 'brand executive' is beating his face off the boardroom table:

Bitterwallet - Pepsi Chicken Owners Workshop


  • Boris
    I'm not normally one to complain at the low quality articles (frankly I love shoddy; especially in a lady) but come on Paul this is pretty insipid. You could have at least put a fox/chicken based spin on it to entice W0Nkey.
  • Idi A.
    Gosh but that's funny. Zzzzzzz.
  • chins m.
    Random. Pepsi are gonna love that. The new ad campaign starts here!
  • akiss
    I don't get it?
  • Eric
    I see what you did there...foul...fowl...very good...
  • w0nKeY H.
    I don't understand what's happening? Are Pepsi supposed to be upset they have their logo on the banner?
  • chris
    I don't get it...????
  • james D.
    I also do not understand, also it appears pepsi have a bottling plant in Wenatchee so it's not a random location but still what is your point?
  • meh
    I think the point is that Pepsi, that touts itself as a "cool" and "hip" brand, has inadvertently associated itself with something as mundane as a group of chicken owners.
  • Boris
    But Pepsi did think that chicken was hip when they owned KFC. What's so un-hip about chicken owning then? They are softer than skateboards and stretchier than a wakeboard. You also get free eggs if you know where to squeese. Chicken lovers of the world unie! Pepsi is our king.
  • Avid R.
    This article is on the level of chicken shit.
  • Dick
    Jeremy Clarkson owns chickens.
  • Boris
    @Dick Point taken. All support for chicken owning bastards withdrawn.
  • Pepsi p.
    [...] of days ago we brought we some surprising Pepsi product chain – a world-famous fizzy code aligning itself with a duck owner’s workshop in Wenatchee, Washington, [...]

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