Pepsi claim that Mountain Dew dissolves dead mice


If you’re a fan of the Mountain Dew energy drink, we feel obliged to tell you that your tipple of choice may contain a dead mouse – but you’ll never know it, because it’ll have dissolved before the bottle even touches your lips.

That’s the potentially nuclear claim that Pepsi, makers of Mountain Dew have themselves made, after a punter alleged that a dead mouse tumbled out of a can of the stuff that he recently bought.

Ronald Ball of Madison County, US of America is suing Pepsi after claiming that he opened a can of Mountain Dew that he’d purchased from a vending machine, only to discover a deceased mouse when he began to drink from it.

Ball says he sent the mouse to Pepsi, who then destroyed it. He is seeking damages in excess of $50,000, although Pepsi are fighting his claim. Their argument, and get a load of THIS, is that the mouse would have dissolved in the drink had it been in the can from the time of its bottling until the day that Ball drank it. That’s right – your Mountain Dew may or may not have contained a dead mouse, but you’ll never know. Unless, you know, you can taste it. Which is probable.


  • heywood j.
    Deadmouse is one of the UKs best DJs and i'm sorry to hear that his pepsi sponsorship is being dissolved :(
  • Capability B.
    How do you discover a dead mouse when drinking from the very small hole in the can which is left when you pull the ring tab? It was either an EXTREMELY small mouse or he ripped the entire top of the can off. Besides, surely the fur and skin of the mouse would have become saturated with the fluid and it would have sunk to the bottom? It wouldnt have been bobbing about on the top of the liquid in the can. I smell a rat.
  • Dick
    I'm glad companies are fighting back against people that make claims like this. If found against this guy, he should be fined $50,000, equal to the damages he seeks.
  • bob
    The writers on here are terrible. It was reported the mouse would have not disappeared but turned into a jelly like form due to the drink.
  • Marky M.
    @ bob Like Princess Margaret?
  • Sicknote
    Old news - we laughed about this a couple of days ago. Next!
  • Hugh G.
    Wasn't this in the Rick Moranis comedy Strange Brew?
  • Mike H.
    I spilt some on my mouse, it dissolved the fucking scroll wheel!
  • br04dyz
    You should stick to drinking Brando...its got electrolytes
  • Frank
    Most of the twats commenting on this site for laughs are fucking braindead heywood jablome (1st comment) First off it's Deadmau5, and secondly he's from Canada. GO PUT YOUR HEAD IN AN OVEN YOU UNFUNNY TIT.
  • Mike
    @Frank I laughed my socks of at his joke, and YOU'RE A HORRIBLE TOSSER! So I know who's side I'd be on...
  • Frank
    Oi, don't. I've had a terrible New Year, Mum found out i'm gay and is threatening to throw me out the house.
  • James C.
    Mike Drake, a New York personality, author (Halloween In New York), and guest star of Discovery Channel’s ODDITIES tv show, has taken science into his own hands and is making a series of videos to show what will happen to bones submerged in water (as a control) and Mountain Dew. Look for it on You Tube as Mountain Dew dissolves a mouse? Part 1

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