People Of Walmart victim hits back via ill-informed daughter

We’ve been following the People Of Walmart website for a while now, enjoying the harmless way that it pokes fun at shoppers who look like idiots. But the worm is turning.

Witness this news report from the USA – the daughter of one of the site’s victims is upset that her mother has had the piss taken out of her. Two other things we’ve learned as well from all of this – (1) This woman does not run the People Of Walmart site, and (2) If you are in a supermarket, you are not in public.


  • LanceVance
    *Owners of People of Walmart rub hands together at all the extra site traffic. BTW she is the owner, she just hates her mom.
  • Mark C.
    Wow, that is an eye-bleedingly dull news report - I was expecting some sort of ranting midwestern mall mutant, not just Eric Stoltz's homely sister.
  • Phil K.
    Who's "Eric Stoltz" then ? Another yanks think is famous around the world when they're not ?
  • Bloke
    When I was a kid and there was nothing to show on telly, they'd put up a test-card. Now they have local news shite like this. One thng, though. That daughter's a scary-looking woman, if you mute the sound on the report you'd think she's been accused of something to do with animals and children.
  • w0NkEy H.
    Like bumming foxes ?
  • NME
    @Bloke - Bitterwallet could have just linked to a picture of a test card instead of this "story" too. However, a classic example of the Streisand effect
  • Richard M.
    I don't much fancy taking her up the aisle.
  • Kevin
    Well to be fair the supermarket isn't a public place, it's a business and therefore they can put up signs like no slippers, must wear a shirt etc. If they don't have a sign up saying no photos and then enforce it they are stuffed. What I think the news report missed was the purpose of the site, to make fun of people looking ridiculous and obscene. That's more of a story!
  • zeddy
    She needs to explain to her mother that looking like a fucking zoomer will invariably get you posted on POW. Dress like normal you mutants.

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