People of Reading, this is seven shades of wrong and it must stop

The thing is, Reading, there's really no excuse for this whatsoever. So we're giving you one hour to hand over the individual on the right. He was spotted by avid Bitterwallet reader Simon, walking through one of your shopping centres in broad daylight - wearing a one piece, adult sized romper suit:

Bitterwallet - Romper Suit

He's one of yours, Reading. If a vigilante mob didn't form immediately to sort him out, we want answers. People already think Reading  is "a shit town full of plastic cockneys who think they're posh because they live in Berkshire", so don't make it any worse for yourselves. Out this individual, immediately.


  • Mungo S.
    I wonder where he got it from? or is it the product of an over eager nanny who knitted until her grandson was encased in a woolen cucoon.
  • Fby
    I bet you were wearing your snuggie when you wrote that Paul.
  • Paul S.
    Yeah, so? What's your point?
  • klingelton
    K factor.
  • person
    Started seeing stalls selling these all over the place, think they were being sold at Reading festival as well. Shocking looking things
  • PokeHerPete - I saw that shit the other day, theres Facebook adverts for them...cant believe that someone actually would by them. That knob head probably got the inspiration to spend his dole money on that while checking his Facebook in the Apple store.
  • OhDear
    This website may have something to do with the obvious mental aberration ...
  • David C.
    Why have you pixelated the back of their heads?
  • Jack T.
    Maybe their heads are on backwards as well
  • John I.
    I'd like to thank you, Bitterwallet. I've just got my letter from Vodafone confirming that my account with them is now cancelled, and all thanks to your template letter, and other information. You have saved me a total of... £510. For which I am eternally grateful.
  • Matt
    OMG!!! Call the fashion police!!!
  • Darren
    @ John Paul II And with that £510 you have stocked up on romper suits?
  • Marky M.
    @ Daren He's The Pope. Popes wear dresses.
  • Jonny S.
    What a cunt!
  • BobF
    Feck me, they want £110 for that hideous outfit??
  • Smuggsy
    Their heads aren't pixelated, all people from Reading look like that due to centuries of inbreeding :)
  • Kev
    Doesn't the Pixelation come with the suit?. That's the only way they would be able to sell them.
  • Charlie lol they got a feral trolley as well.
  • M
    He paid £110 for that too??!! What a loser
  • Paul C.
    I'm pretty anti-chav but, I concede that I stayed in my training bottoms last week after football and found them remarkably comfy. I then proceeded to sit outside the local newsagent on the wall with my beer and a cigarette while eying girls. It's much cheaper than going to the pub.
  • Bazinga
    I'll get my mum to knit me one.
  • Reading&NotProud
    Reading is a shit town, full of utter sponging cunts, the dregs of every other country in the world and some of the worst architecture known to science. How do I know all of this? Because I live there, and am desperate to leave. Its shit. Really. And I should also point out that they are walking through "The Oracle" whose own website declares "The Very Hottest Fashion & Food" Oh the bitter irony.
  • Matt
    Please if anyone recognises these people, call the police that is!!!
  • Bobbie O.
    I can't see what all the fuss is about I was wearing siren suits when I was a toddler I am now 73 years of age, They are very warm in winter. Winston Churchill first started to wear them in the W.W.2. And Reading isn't a shite town, I love Reading, I was born there and it is a great little old town, those who don't like it move away and leave it to those who do. And the language some of you use it is terrible and shouldn't be allowed, your Mothers should have washed your mouths out with carbolic soap. Bring on the siren suits... Down with the begrudgers, let people wear what they want to, if they want to pay out all that money, then who are we to tell them not to...
  • Dog m.
    Nowt wrong with it. I still wear nappies and no one laughs at me. And I'm 34.
  • ry8000
    Apart from that romper, which is just utterly crap, what's with that thing where chavs tuck one of their tracksuit legs into their sock?
  • Leeisgood
    Apart from that romper, which is just utterly crap, what’s with that thing where chavs tuck one of their tracksuit legs into their sock? Its to catch their shit
  • James
    The girl would definitely get it. From behind at least.
  • Cash B.
    [...] may not be as wrong as this, but that doesn’t make it [...]
  • pletchervgk
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