Penny for reports? Three start charging for SMS delivery messages

Bitterwallet - 3 logoOrange have been charging a penny for every SMS delivery report received for years (although how many customers are aware they charge is another matter). Now Three want in on the action, and will be charging customers the same amount from 6th June.

Avid Bitterwallet reader Joe let us know that he received a message from Three to alert him to the new charge:

"Text delivery reports will cost 1p per report from 06th June 2011. For more info click here:"

There's also a note on the Three website, albeit one that Tom Thumb would strain his eyesight reading.

It sounds like an inconsequential amount, but millions of SMS messages are sent over the Three network every day; if just a few percent of customers receive delivery reports, Three will instantly start generating hundreds of thousands of pounds of additional revenue every month.

It's not a deal-breaker for cancelling your contract since delivery reports are optional, but if you send a couple of dozen texts a month then you need to switch the reports off to save your monthly bill rising by a few quid.


  • Pedant
    "if you send a couple of dozen texts a month then you need to switch the reports off to save your monthly bill rising by a few quid." If you're sending around 24 texts and they're 1p each your calculator tells you that'll be a few quid?
  • Damien
    Orange already do/did this. I remember when I got my N97 (poor me) a few years ago, I had to turn them off 'cause they were costing me money.
  • Still P.
    Congrats on not reading even the first sentence, Damien. You win a prize.
  • Ben S.
    Are you sure about "hundreds of thousands of pounds of additional revenue every month"? At 1p each to generate £200k per month Three customers would need to request almost a quarter of a billion delivery receipts each year. They might do, but it seems rather a lot given how few people know about them.
  • Pedant 2.
    @Damien: That was covered in the very first, and very last sentences, but thanks for corroborating!
  • Pedant 2.
    @Still A Pedant: Damn you.
  • @ P.
    Agreed. I assume the author meant, "if you send a couple of dozen texts a DAY, your bill will go up by a few quid a month." 24p * 30days = £7.20/month
  • Cherie F.
    Lets just hit the consumer even more when times are hard, it seems to me that all these companies want to do is bleed the customer dry!!!!!!
  • dave
    ive always had text delivery reports on, and everyone i know does too. if u send a 1000 texts a month thats a tenner each! even if 100,000 customers sent a 1000 texts a month thats £1million extra. lol. and three have millions of customers in the uk... 29million worldwide... most three contracts have huge text allowances. and kids nowadays send thousands a month each. and they certainly know about delivery reports. they get more tech savvy with each generation. i suspect though that theyre doin it to save money rather than generate money. theyre just hoping people will turn off delivery reports. if a few leave them on then its a nice extra. but as people get their first bills with the unexpected charge theyll soon switch it off. in about 6months it wont be much of a revenue generator. for me its a fundamental requirement to get a delivery report with a text. if they want to charge for it then they should offer to take it out of your text allowance. id happily trade a free text for it.
  • steve r.
    As an avid supporter and long standing customer of Three it does appear a little 'penny pinching' of them to start making these charges when they can include thousands of included text messages on contract and even pay as you go and then charge for a delivery report.
  • tom
    Please get your facts straight bitterwalled, instead of misinformig your readers. Delivery reports are not an optional extra, three's terms and conditionns clearly state that an additional extra is a paid for service. delivery reports are currently an inclusive service included in the mothly paymet you make. changing this in to a paid for service gives grounds to cancel if its detrimental to you i.e it will cost you more to use the service as you were before. Three have also breached their contract by not giving the required 30 days notice of the change. Please do your research before jumping on the bandwagon.
  • Hugh J.
    It still so happens, that, three, is a cunt!
  • Paul S.
    Hi Tom, My understanding before the story was that delivery reports weren't a contracted service - that's why I went through the Three Price Plan and Terms when writing the post. I couldn't see any detail confirming either a) the price of delivery reports as free, or b) that delivery reports were a contracted service. Obviously there's a chance I missed this info - if you want to send it to me at [email protected], I'd be happy to take a look. P
  • jay
    Best most people don't know how to turns these off..
  • Tom
    That tom up there isn't this Tom. I'm much more of a moany bastard.
  • tom
    @Tom I highly doubt you are more of a moany bastard than me ;) @Paul Smith a copy of threes terms and conditions and the reasons behind being able to cancel under this change can be found in a post on The main point that most people are following o various forums and twitter etc is what three define as an "additional service" as this change doest fall under this term it allows customers to cancel without penalty
  • Denise M.
    When i got my contracts (for me and my son) i asked what the additional costs where and was told only those on the website listed as add ons - that is if either i or my son went over our allowances - voice,text or data and 08 numbers and in my sons case who does not have picture messaging that too. He has 5000 text - all on delivery reports which comes to a tidy amount for '3'. The way i see it is that as i asked what additional costs could be incured then '3' should have said delivery reports otherwise they are included in my packages. Im sure many others asked to so '3' are in breach of their contract with me and their service agreement but even though i have asked they wll not release me from my contracts which i renewed only 6 weeks ago!
  • Mr. P.
    I too like many other 3 custermers am very dissapointed at the 1p charge for my text reports. I have also noticed, that my 18 month contract ended 3 months ago, and you never informed me, or had the decency to ask if I wanted to continue with 3. or find a new mobile phone supplier. I will be contacting you shortly about this matter.
  • Prince
    pls l dont need msg deliver report. Stop it pls
  • Mohamed E.
  • Name
    I know this is late, extremely lol, but say you was on the one plan which used to cost £25pm and included 5000 sms messages. Then if you used them all that would cost you an additional £50pm! I brought up this fact with Three at the time and they said I sent an average of 1500 texts pm so they would reduce my bill via £15pm. I'm still using this plan to date and have turned off delivery reports. £10pm for the one plan, I can't complain :D

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