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Morning crimefighters!

If you’re in the Bolton area and if your regular breakfast of museli, yoghurt and a cup of green tree hasn’t filled the hole, you might want to pop into Mario's Cafe in Westhoughton and have a stab at their modestly-titled ‘big breakfast’ for only a tenner. Eat it all in 20 minutes without a drink to wash it down with and you get the whole thing for free!

In case you’re tempted, you’ll get ten eggs, ten rashers of bacon, ten sausages, ten pieces of toast, 5 black puddings, plus tomatoes, beans and mushrooms. And this hasn’t been featured on HotUKDeals why exactly…?


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  • The B.
    If they'd cooked the sausages it might be more palatable.
  • Paddy
    Ten portions of arseholes and lips. Yum yum.
  • Hmm...
    Not enough beans.
  • Dan
    Not enough beans IMO
  • PowerUp
    This is old news...Incidently I do hail from Westhoughton and know about this infamous breakfast
  • Steve B.
    it's difficult to discern between the sausages and the cook's severed fingers
  • Steve B.
    the tomatoes look like a little hamster's boxing gloves.
  • Steve B.
    there's no fucking chance in hell that scrawny little weed managed to actually finish that. he looks like he's never so much as digested one of the Boots sandwiches in the previous post. poor little lamb. I bet he was good at cross-country running though.
  • Steve B.
    Are they oysters in the middle? Ok, I'll go and do some work now. This picture has had me riveted.
  • Steve B.
    sorry, one more thing - judging from the ID-tag around this man's neck, I can only assume he was inhaling this beauty before heading off to work! outrageous! Bit of muesli and I'm done until lunchtime, me... imagine encountering him in the lift. If he ever left the server-room, that is.
  • Tom P.
    That brekkie looks pretty good. Better than the burger i had from Hassans Kebab shop last night
  • Craghed
    @ Steve Blag: Don't underestimate the weed, my brother in law is 5'6" and weighs 10 stone and he can eat more than any giant. I reckon he could finish that lot off and still have his dinner, not so sure about doing it in 20 mins, though I wouldn't put it past him.
  • james
    mmmmmmm im starving pity i dont live in bolton
  • PowerUp
    @ James You'd actually like to live in Bolton?
  • Paddy
    There must be at least 6000 calories in that meal. Fat cunts.
  • LB33
    You could at least credit the original source rather than yet another thieving website...?
  • Mike
    I hail from Westhoughton, funnily enough Mario's started life as a crap Italian restaraunt and went downhill from there. That'll be one 'Fat Bastard Special' please!!
  • Paul S.
    LB33 - thanks for letting us know in such a polite and charming manner, Perhaps if you check the site we attributed, you'll find there's no credit for the original source, which makes it nigh-on impossible to do the same.
  • mewithoutdebt
    I think fair share of big men can do it in 10 minutes if they are given chance of drinking something wash down the salt and fat.
  • LB33
    Paul Smith: "Thanks for letting us know in such a polite and charming manner, Perhaps if you check the site we attributed, you’ll find there’s no credit for the original source, which makes it nigh-on impossible to do the same." You're welcome! But nigh-on impossible? It took me a 30 second Google search...
  • Paul S.
    Really? A quick Google for "Mario’s Cafe in Westhoughton" doesn't list the source in the first page of returns: So again, unless somebody point it out, it's a little tricky to identify the source sometimes.
  • shaughn
    i will eat that no problem take some doin but it get eaten dnt bleve in leaving food on the plate haha

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