Pause for thought - Steve Jobs dies


Really. It's not the time nor the place. You can be an Apple hater all you want. This is a sad day.

Steve Jobs died of pancreatic cancer last night. It's a dreadful, infuriating illness, one that neither money nor love can save you from. There are no smug remarks to make, no gleeful childish slights to break. The man was a revolution in computing, in life, and we all benefited from it. Whatever you thought of Apple, of the iPhone, of our sometimes inane coverage, it's not important right now.

This isn't meant to be overly sincere or sycophantic, but when you lose somebody that made a difference, when you lose somebody to a vulgar and excruciating disease, take a little time. It's important. We're a consumer blog, absolutely, but our world, and yours, is altogether a less fun and interesting place for the death of Steve Jobs.


  • Paul C.
    Well said. You can invent everything. You can cure nothing. Rest In Peace.
  • zeddy
  • Me
    RIP but I can foresee some mass suicide...
  • PFC H.
    NOW can we have Flash on Apple products?
  • Wilko
    A sad day indeed - RIP Steve
  • Rich
    Fuck you PFC Hudson R.I.P Steve Jobs
  • PFC H.
    No thanks Rich, I prefer blondes
  • klingelton
    I'm blonde... so i repeat Fuck you PFC Hudson. RIP Jobs.
  • Nick T.
    A sad day. The man made a difference for giving the public what they wanted, they just hadn't realised it was even possible.
  • Darren
    A very sad day indeed.... its strange reading his death on the product he invented.
  • voice r.
    We all benefitted from it? Arises. Sad that anyone dies sure, but this guy really was the Hitler of the electronics industry.
  • MDHayes
    Very sad news. Even if you're not a fan of Apple there is no denying the difference he has made to the world.
  • Who C.
    An apple a day keeps the doctor away..he had millions of apples yet. Apple will now release a phone dedicated to Steve... the iDead
  • Michael
    He was a good salesman, nothing more. He successfully trolled people into believing he invented video chat, that incremental upgrades are worth buying, and that people have more money than sense. He could have cared less about foxconn workers committing suicide, treating workers at Apple like garbage, skipping transplant lists with money, and being one of the few CEOs who never donated to charity. Bill gates gave over half his wealth to charity.
  • Jamie
    R.I.P. Steve Jobs. A very well put together piece to mark the death of a man who made a MASSIVE difference to our every day lives, he will be greatly missed.......Unlike the voice of reason (above)....
  • Michael
    Lmao, as per usual, people who claim he made a "MASSIVE difference to our every day lives" fail to mention exactly how he managed to accomplish this.
  • The B.
    @Micheal, I'd agree to an extent, most of Apple's early life (up to the mid 90's) was founded on Job's business skills and Wozniak's IT skills, then Jobs discovered you can churn out any old shit as long as it looks pretty, Wozmiak left and the rest as they say is history. I won't comment one way or the other on Jobs as I'm not a fan and I don't want to be direspectful.
  • RagingAngel
    Looks like we've got trolls in the house! Ignore them at all costs. A dude who made an impact across the world, whether you agree or not, (or like it or not) has died. It's a respect thing, you divot.
  • Michael E.
    At last. Hope the nonstop apple rubbish will finally die down.
  • Rob
    Sad when anyone dies young but let's not start deifying this businessman ... He didn't change the world, he just convinced it to buy his superbly designed (if expensive) products - there were computers before the Mac, MP3 players before the iPod, smartphones before the iPhone and tablet pcs before the iPad ... his was a triumph in design and marketing as opposed to pure technical innovation ...
  • Darren
    There are 3 APPLES that change the course of history. First was the APPLE in Adam and Eve. Second was the APPLE that hit Isaac Newton and Third was the APPLE made by Steve Jobs. rip steve jobs.
  • Steve
    Mourning Steve Jobs - will there be an app for that?
  • Gary u.
    Someone who has a difference of opinion to your own should not instantly be categorised as a 'troll'. Stupid internet buzz words.
  • br04dyz
    @steve yep... iMourn
  • Mike U.
    I'll admit I'm an Apple hater but having lost my father to a similar disease my thoughts go out to his family However the man did change the world, he helped create a new species of human the 'APPLE FANBOY'
  • PFC H.
    It's reassuring to see, after a few hours away from this blog post that there's others who see it the same way I do: A guy died, big deal 10,000's die every day. Am I supposed to think more of his death because he was famous? No, why should I. I'm sure many thousand of people dies yesterday over the world from various cancers and didn't have anywhere near the same quality of health care or pain controlling drugs Jobs did. Job probably died as comfortable as medicine could have made him, how many died yesterday in agony? Surely we should be sparing a thought for them before some technical whizz kid Before anyone attacks me about his illness, I have a brain tumour, my daughter has it too so I know what it's like to like with a life threatening illness My point about Flash was fair too. It's one of the biggest bug bears with Apple products. Maybe now Jobs had both stepped down and now passed away Apple may consider paying Adobe the relevant licensing fee out of their very large pockets and give a good 90% of apple product owners what they've been crying out for
  • PFC H.
    Oh and to those who stated their intention to 'Fuck me' So sorry my opinion of the man differs from yours or that I'm indifferent to his passing(!) Please, please let me follow the crowd and mourn the passing of someone I never knew(!) Bloody sheep
  • Mark H.
    It seems to me that the Apple Haters do it just to be different. If they did some research and looked into what Jobs has brought to the world (and it's a lot - far too much to list) then they may see why people are upset over his passing.
  • onlineo
    What apple and Steve Jobs have done is created IT/Communications devices that work as advertised. They integrate with software and content seamlessly compared to the competition. Sure I had other MP3 players before I got an Ipod. I mainly listen to Podcasts they all work great on my ipod, but only about half of them auto download onto my Android phone. I had a front facing video calling phone in 2003/4 with the 3 network. They fell out of fashion because they were really poor quality and badly implemented. 6 or 7 years later apple implemented facetime and it just works! The apple products are great at doing what they are suppose to do, and doing it simply. Sure they are not as versatile or as cheap as my android phone or my windows laptop, but both of these regularly crash, make strange noises, overheat and take far too long to turn on. They both have lots of functions but not all of these functions work as they should!
  • PFC H.
    To the two posters above, listing Job's achievements: I still say "So what" Yes, he made great strides in the computer industry but my point remains, why should I have to mourn him or show him any greater respect over anyone else who died yesterday? Those of us who chose not to mourn him aren't haters, trolls or ignorant to his achievements, we're simply people with our feet a little more firmly rooted on the ground It's a terrible shame he died, it's a terrible shame anyone dies but I will not be told by the blogger here or many of the posters that I MUST show respect. I have my own mind thank you
  • Paul
    You're forgetting about all his investment in Pixar
  • Mark H.
    @ PFC Hudson When most of us die nobody outside of our family, friends and colleagues care. When someone like Steve Jobs dies other people who have had no direct contact with him care too. They enjoy using his products (or products he inspired) and were looking forward to what he would come up with next. I'm not sure why this is so hard for you to understand? The fact that you don't personally care is neither here not there.
  • Kev
    As the article says, really it isnt the time or the place for apple hating. A troll isn't someone that has a different opinion than you, a troll is someone who posts deliberately provocative messages. This article was written specifically as a tribute to great businessman and you come to trash his legacy and innovations. You need to grow up and learn some respect RIP Steve Jobs
  • James B.
    Who's Steve Jobs?
  • jah128
    Its 'not meant to be sycophantic' but it is. "The man was a revolution in computing, in life, and we all benefited from it." - Did we really? Do you not consider this to be just a little bit sycophantic. Are we really benefiting from a company that has created a world where innovation is no longer advanced through an open market but stifled through corrupt, tawdry lawsuits and abuse of the patent systems. Are our lives really the richer for having more closed-book, proprietary formats and less choice? Is the world really a better place for having a company that sits on over $50billion in cash whilst cancelling all its charity and philanthropic ventures? Yes the world will be less fun and interesting without him, but lets not beatify him just yet please...
  • Derek E.
    Not a hater, not a fanboi. Used an Apple II in the early 80s, spend a lot of time now rebuilding my daughter's iTunes library on a regular basis and inherited her Nano, now happily jailbroken and dragging and dropping as nature intended. Steve Jobs didn't invent anything, but he could make people want to buy anything and that's a skill that made Apple a hugely successful corporation. For that alone he deserves respect.
  • Steve
    Fucking hell, anyone would've thought Steve Jobs single-handedly cured cancer from some of the ridiculous outpourings. Pathetic!
  • Sawyer
    Not going to get involved in the comments, but thumbs up to Bitterwallet for a well-written post on the sad news. Couldn't have put it better myself.
  • beatle
    PFC Hudson... Very sorry to hear about your brain tumour .. It must be really difficult knowing that one day you'll pop your clogs and no one here will give two shits.. Not because you aren't a great guy with a sterling personality but because unlike Steve Jobs you haven't invented anything that's changed the way a lot of the people on this planet do things. Yep a lot of people die each day. Some from stupidity, some from war, some from starvation, accidents and others from natural causes. It's truly a sad event that befalls many people every single minute of every single day. We don't hear about most of these people, not because they weren't remarkable in their own way but because we're all fickle about what makes a person great and they needed to have at least 5mins of fame before it peaks our interest. Steve Jobs directly or indirectly helped shape the technologically bristling world we live in. It doesn't matter if you use a mac or a pc, a zune or an ipod, a streak or an ipad. Somewhere in your everyday life is something that's been conceived from a product Apple made or brought to the masses. That's why he should be celebrated PFC, for the things he managed to change or enlighten us with. Would Windows be what it is today without Steve Jobs and Apple's work on a GUI (yes Xerox invented it), would that change mean things like Street Cleaning simulator wouldn't have been conceived and we'd all still be stuck at the DOS prompt. Who knows but one things for sure the world has lost a bright spark whichever way you want to look at it..
  • John B.
    Well... Everybody still loves Apple. There goes my theory of Steve Jobs using mind control for his cult..
  • Dick
    So in the end he was a bit like an ipod. He couldn't change his batteries without sending the unit back.
  • klingelton
    @PFC Hudson You say something initially that could be viewed as inappropriate. You provoke a deserved and moderated response to your actions. You then subsantiate your words in further posts in an attempt to absolve you of the situation by speaking of a personal illness. The reality is, although i'm sorry to hear of your illness, it doesn't affect me - and never will. When the inevitable happens, I really wouldn't give two flying shits about your passing- and likewise, I doubt you would give two flying shits about my passing. This is because simply we do not know each other, aside from our brief exchanges across this forum. your flippant initial comment missed out that someone had died - and a jibe at decisions previously made by the departed were made at a bad time, then go on to substantiate your comment with your personal history. It seems to me, sir, that you got caught with your pants down - and further attempts to raise them prematurely may have caked your undercrackers with excrement. If I were you, I'd be tempted to retire to the laundrette and clear my undercrackers before coming back here and making a formal apology for your initial comment. I will not be retracting my initial words as I believe them to be just. Good day. And for the record, I'm more a mousey blonde.
  • Chamaine
    Ha Ha this is funny RIP loser
  • andy y.
    @steve Maybe he did.
  • Mark H.
    And here's a tribute from someone who, ya know, actually knew and worked with him: “Over and over again he took complex situations, understood their essence, and used that understanding to make a bold definitive move, often in a completely unexpected direction.”
  • Brian's U.
    Apple popularised the use of the mouse as an input device on personal computers. Apple popularised the use of tablet computers. Before that they were niche devices with a tiny market. Apple popularised the MP3 player. Before that they were niche devices with a tiny market. Apple popularised the concept of multi touch and capacitive touch screens. Before they were resistive touch screens (e.g. Tom Tom sat nav). I'm not an Apple fan boy in any way shape or form but these are some of the effects Apple have had on the design of industrial design
  • Dog D.
    The police are actually looking into Steve Jobs' death and treating it as suspicious. They are currently seeking iWitnesses.
  • Russy P.
    Sad news, he was a great innovator. Although perhaps now some of that money can be released for good causes and Apple's philanthropic programmes can re-open now. Interesting article:
  • The B.
    @Brian's Uncle - "Apple popularised", not created, not innovated, simply made something pre-existing popular. Which was what Jobs was good at, taking a pre-existing product, getting someone else to redesign it, bunging a marketing model around it and re-flogging it. So he was a marketeer. Bill Hicks RIP.
  • klingelton
    To be innovative, you don't need to be inventive.

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