Paranoid? You've every right to be thanks to cops' ad campaign

Over at the always-terrific Boing Boing, they’ve encouraged readers to take some of the new posters from the very expensive ad campaign launched by the police this week and remix the living hell out of them.

The results were never going to be far from utterly chortlesome and there’s a gallery of some of the best here. Meanwhile, here are some of our favourites right here right now. Okay, I’m off to phone the cops – our Vince doesn’t look quite like a traditional Englishman should and I’m sure I saw him with a box of matches earlier…


  • Justin C.
    This is an awesome campaign, makes people relate to real life situations. Those damn terrorists should be scared now!
  • Yas88
    i'm sure that minesweeper one would bamboozle the met, then again, what doesn't ..
  • acecatcher3
    lol some of them are brilliant, "is ur non english neighbour using more fairy than u" i heard one of the real ads on the radio as i was driving to work, seems very dramatic.
  • Baker M.
    Wow, that minesweeper ad made me laugh out loud when I saw it. Nice post, very interesting!
  • Biffy
    Excellent depiction of the New Police State of England
  • “If B.
    [...] But the larger point is that other people’s rights are not ours to give away. Remember this on cops ads [...]

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