Paperchase finally say sorry for stealing

hidden thingyPaperchase stole a design from a little independent company. They thought they'd got away with it too... but then, in steps those pesky social networkers.

Yep, the artist called Hidden Eloise flagged up the copy and everyone on various social networking sites like Twitter went mental. Well, when I say 'mental', I actually mean that they typed angry words and said OMG That is soooo unfair *angryface* which is not that mental at all.

Anyway, Paperchase cottoned on to the fact that this was all very bad PR. For a period, the design studio used by Paperchase - a company called Gather No Moss, “categorically denied any plagiarism.” However, if you click here you can see it clear as day. Naturally, Hidden Eloise wasn't thrilled with the response.

Then, science fiction writer Neil Gaiman Tweeted about it to his 1.6 million followers on Twitter, which meant that the national press got wind and the inevitable happened.

Paperchase issued an initial statement in which it apologised to “any customers upset or angered by this allegation against us any ill-feeling caused,” and has since accepted that the design was indeed a copy.

Chief executive Timothy Melgund commented: “We have been chastened by this experience and offer Hidden Eliose, our customers and those from the social network community our sincere apologies that we were not more rigorous in establishing the truth in the first instance.”

It's not the first time accusations have been thrown around like this as TopShop got slated for (allegedly) ripping off a design a while back. More on that here. I've no idea whether TopShop apologised or if it all got sorted out because I can't be bothered checking. I'm happy to simply assume that all major retailers are complete twunts without checking the facts at all.



  • Gunn
    They should have just paid her a commission for that.
  • Mr. M.
    Blimey. You'd think after the whole thing about Emily Strange being a blatant copy of Nate the Great people wouldn't plagiarise other's work, would you? Why do people think, in this day and age, that people aren't going to notice these things?
  • amy w.
    There was more original work in the copied design than in this story.
  • wombat
    @amy - You can't expect the story to show every detail of the copied design; I followed the links in the story and it does show the copied design and although there is 'original' work around the copied character it is very clearly a copy. Of course if Paperchase hadn't ignored the original complaint until it started to hurt them then first throwing the copying artist and design company to the wolves before eventually accepting their own culpability we wouldn't be reading about this.
  • Thanks B.
    [...] Do you? Yes, you do? Good. You remember when we made an example of Paperchase for creating an artificially similar representation of another artist’s work? Yes? [...]

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