Panic Over - You Can Record Your Sky+ Shows Again

If you’re a user of Sky’s majestic Sky+ service, you might have had a spot of bother recently as you tried to archive some of your saved programmes by transferring them to VHS or DVD.

A software upgrade has (accidentally say Sky) prevented back-up copies from being made, after the broadcaster added some code to their programmes that resulted in a pesky “Copy Protect Signal Detected" message flashing up on screen whenever an attempt to back up was made.

After a month of debate on various internet forums and silence from Sky, the glitch has been fixed and you can now comfortably make copies of your favourite shows again.

But the fact that Sky and other broadcasters have the capability to do this raises some interesting questions. As the online piracy of TV programmes continues to grow, will we soon completely lose the ability to record and archive our favourite shows?

Will pirated TV shows only be available after someone has recorded them straight from the screen using a video camera, like a housebound version of dodgy cinema piracy?

Us, we’re sticking with the radio. Except when John Barrowman’s on of course.


  • Mark
    Nerds would find a way.
  • Andy D.
    God bless the nerds. We're living in the Nerdal Age.
  • Dan
    "The geek will inherit the Earth"
  • Kommunist
    You can record whatever you want using Dreambox sat receiver. And yes it works with Sky subscription too, but configuration is a bit technical.
  • Zune B.
    [...] contained undetected errors. Such problems aren’t uncommon - a recent software update crippled Sky+ boxes across the [...]

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