Panasonic keep an eye on your kids, also in your kids

11 August 2011


Holy shitcakes, what fresh hell is this? You wouldn't know it, but it's a concept ad for Panasonic... for a baby monitor. It's like the bastard child of Mothercare and Wes Craven. Don't have nightmares, kids.

[Ads of the World] thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Alex for the update


  • bob
    one eyed monster
  • Alex
    It's not an ad "by" Panasonic, it's a concept done by an agency creative team (Ogilvy in this case) in order to try to sell the idea TO Panasonic. As are 99% of the "amazing/clever/funny ads" you see on the internet; they never actually make it to the real world.

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