Pampered pop star gets personalised breakfast cereal

Celebrities sicken us. Not only are they all rich, they also get loads of free stuff all the time, like cars and awards. And if they’re cheeky, like Tim Burgess of The Charlatans, they even get their own special breakfast cereal made for them by the mighty Kellogg’s.

That’s in fact actually what has happened this week. Indie crooner Burgess tweeted about a cereal he’d invented called Totes Amazeballs, and in spite of the fact that it’s a shit idea and because he’s a pop star, his thoughts spread rapidly across the Twitternet, and were presumably picked up at Kellogg’s HQ.

Before you know it, Totes Amazeballs exists as an actual thing and Burgess is pictured holding a box of the stuff. Witness...


Lord only knows what’s in the box itself.

UPDATE: Apparently, the contents include Coco Pops Rocks, shortbread, raisins and "squidgy marshmallows" and the cereal will be available at the Kendal Calling festival later in the year.


  • Zleet
    Raisins in cereal, bleargh!!!! I'd rather eat dog shit with milk.
  • Mike H.
    I see Burgess is still on crack. I have come up with a new cereal, dog shit with peanuts and little dog treats hidden inside. I think they'll taste 'shhhhiiiittte'! What do you think, Kellogg's?

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