Palm Pre turns mild-mannered talk show into cage-wrestling

The new Palm Pre is out in the wild Stateside, although it'll be months before you can pick one up in the UK. Leo Laporte is world-renowned for his forward thinking views on technology, and yesterday mentioned on one of his influential online tech shows The Gilmor Gang that he'd been sent a review copy of the Pre.

Joining in the discussion was Michael Arrington from the equally world-renowned TechCrunch, who had quite a bee in his bonnet about Laporte receiving a handset to review, when TechCrunch didn't. What happened next was spectacular car-crash television:

Reading Arrington's thoughts on TechCrunch today, he was attempting to suggest Palm may be supplying handsets only to those reviewers who had commented positively on the Pre in the past. There was a serious point to be made, but it was buried in the on-screen spew of magma. That said, Arrington's tone is more than a little dickish when he confronts Laporte with "What are you gonna do about it?". He's going to cut you off Michael, and tell you to go fuck yourself. That's what.


  • silvershadow
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  • well w.
    i listen to the tech podcast sometimes and leo reckons he could talk forever (as he's a radio show presenter). Guess he's been proved wrong. Guess he'd had a bad night sleep. Non of us like to get our integrity challenged and he (like most) got upset by it, but the guest was also right in asking for disclaimers.
  • Julian
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  • silvershadow
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  • silvershadow
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  • Kris
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  • Loopy L.
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  • silvershadow
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  • Steve T.
    Silvershadow - interesting how your grasp of grammar, tone and writing style slips between your first post and your last. That's because you've an axe to grind - you attempted to disguise your natural writing style, but let it slip in the moment. That aside, is it really such a problem that HUKD makes money. Users save money, they save money. Everyone wins. Or is that not enough for you? Are you so greedy as to want it all? And have you *any* idea how much MSE makes out of it's wholesome, whiter-than-white money saving advice? Millions.
  • silvershadow
    @styletaylor Silvershadow - interesting how your grasp of grammar, tone and writing style slips between your first post and your last. That’s because you’ve an axe to grind - you attempted to disguise your natural writing style, but let it slip in the moment. no it was copy and pasted

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