Our guessing game - the answer!

Earlier, we asked you to guess what this was...


Why it's an office of course!




[I New Idea]


  • andy y.
    If you lazy tarts read the comments you would see that it was guessed within 30 minutes.
  • Tim B.
    seems a bit silly having all those shelves since you can't actually use them for anything while its folded up.
  • Fritzel
    why does the man using the desk look like he's from the 1800's lol
  • Paul N.
    I'd be too lazy to ever refold it plus it would be full of papers etc I liked the organic dalek answer.
  • Your M.
    Isn't that Gordon Brown ?
  • Gordon B.
    No, it's your mum.
  • Your M.
    Can't be my mum...she's a fox.

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