Organic store in children trafficking outrage

Ending the day pretty much where we began, is this a chalk board in Chiswick, outside organic food shop As Nature Intended. Perhaps a little more thought is required when talking up the special offers on smoothies next time:

Bitterwallet - As nature Intended, Chiswick

[@SharonMatheson] via [TwitPic]


  • Joff
    Bargain - get them up the chimneys in no time.
  • he-man
    would be even funnier if it wast blatantly photoshopped
  • plop
    Along similar lines, I draw your attention to this fabulously-titled store:
  • Arnie
    How is that photoshopped? They have just rubbed out the old stuff and written over the top of it.
  • Paul
    @Arnie That there would be some hardcore old school 'shopping...otherwise known as an eraser and the CaCO3 technique. Don't find that in CS5.
  • darkspark88
    Its not photoshopped. It refers to Innocent kids smoothies. just somebody thought leaving out the smoothies to save space was be a good move :)
  • oliverreed
    A variety of different varieties - thank fuck, who'd want a plain old variety.
  • Rich
    It IS photoshopped.
  • he-man
    By the power of grey skull. Of course its shopped, look at it. The writing is as bright as skeletors bald head on a sunny day.
  • Cock K.
    Why would anyone photoshop a sign for Innocent smoothies for kids? Dog for sale, eats anything, loves children. Right, I'm off to toss a few cats.

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