Orange-clad lovelies get FIFA ad chiefs in a tizz


FIFA kicked off big style yesterday over what they described as an ‘ambush marketing activity’ by a Dutch brewery, leading to the ejection of a horde of beautiful women from the Holland v Denmark match on Monday.

The women were all wearing identical short orange dresses that have been sold by Bavaria, a Dutch brewery, as souvenirs, but FIFA claimed that their presence at the match was unauthorised and orchestrated and the women were all turfed out. Some of them later claimed that they were threatened with arrest and imprisonment, claims which FIFA have denied.

Stranger still, it is believed that some of the tickets used by the women to gain entry into the match had been supplied by ITV pundit Robbie Earle, who has subsequently been sacked for ticket-based shenanigans.

Peer Swinkels, from Bavaria beer, said people “should have the right to wear what they want. The Dutch people are a little crazy about orange and we wear it on public holidays and events like the World Cup,” he said. "This time we put no branding on the dress. And Fifa don't have a monopoly over orange."

We feel obliged to point out that the official beer of the 2010 World Cup is Budweiser. And that we believe it tastes like piss.

LATEST: FIFA have said that two arrests have been made and that criminal charges will be brought relating to the incident. We have put our box of Frosties back in the cupboard.


  • Alexis
    The same think happened in Germany 2006 when they were turfed out for wearing Bavaria lederhosen. Ironically, you'd probably be alright wearing "FIFA sucks" clothing.
  • Andy D.
    It did indeed Alexis. The difference is that in 2006, the lederhosen had Bavaria branding - this time, there is nothing on the dresses to align them to any company. I would have put that in the story but I had a craving for some Frosties with Budwesier on them.
  • Karan
    this is grrrrrrrreat. What a load of balls. FIFA should MTFU and get over it.
  • Mike H.
    I would have demanded them to remove their dresses.
  • PhilthyPhil
    Wheres the pix of hotties in orange dresses then? a telly with a box of frosties is no substitute!!!
  • doofus
    Is that a CRT TV....? WFT DIS REAL?
  • Klingelton
    WFT = What fail this... i second the motion for Dutch fitties showing off their kutje!
  • Alexis
    "I would have put that in the story but I had a craving for some Frosties with Budwesier on them." Breakfast of champions!
  • pervert
  • pervert
  • Klingelton
  • Dirty F.
    Nice TV.....
  • Amzmalhotra
    I lol'd at the pic and its subtext. Nice One!
  • Ted S.
    @Amzmalhotra how can a picture have a subtext?
  • DavtT
    The great thing is it got that wanker Earle off the telly
  • Mike H.
    Fuck me, you actually allowed a comment of mine! Please don't delete it becasue I said fuck. Thanks, luv U Andy. (not in a gay way or owt)
  • Amanda H.
    Get back in the pit Mike.
  • -]
    A picture has subtext the same way a movie does. Or should we rename it submeaning, just for you? ;p
  • Nobby
    This could have fairly serious implications. Imagine if Coca-Cola are sponsoring an event, and you and a mate turn up wearing T-shirts with a small Pepsi logo on them. Should you be ejected and arrested for organising counter-marketing?
  • bigballs
    FIFA what a bunch of muppets!!
  • Robinho
    Are FIFA going to fine themselves or face some jailtime for all the (free) publicity they are giving to Bavaria? If they hadn't kicked up such a fuss I doubt the majority of people would have realised what was going off. As an aside, what on Earth persuaded Robbie Earle to give up his ticket allocation to 30 hot girls?! Hope they ask Townsend next.
  • delrio
    i hope they ask mark lawrenson for tickets next.
  • ARSE
    clearly this campaign has had the desired effect, it's worked better than if they'd just left them alone

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