Orange Best Plan deal in "nothing of the sort" shock

Bitterwallet reader Mark simply can't get over what a great deal Orange have offered him. In fact that's a lie, as he got over it in a matter of über-seconds. Mark recently just received his Best Plan review for his mobile phone contract. The thing is, as you may has guessed by now, Orange's definition of best is far removed from any definition of the word we've ever considered:

Bitterwallet - Orange Best Plan deal is nothing of the sort


  • Graham
    I had one of these backalong (before I started looking on Bitter) that said exactly the same. Basically the "get more" plan was exactly the same but they wanted to charge more for it!! NO THANK YOU
  • Siwrath
    I must have been a lucky one I got 100 mins and unlimited texts for £9.85, £14.78 with data bundle
  • Nobby
    Simply reply to them asking if there is a "get more" plan where the customer gets more, rather than the company.
  • Orange
    Orange simply suck and need to die. Only decent thing they ever did was try to change their T & C's and allow me to leave them early. Shame, back in the old days they were great. When do they come up on that worst company thing?
  • Myself
    Back in April I managed to bag 200 minutes, 300 texts and unlimited land line calls for £15
  • speedski
    they wont reommend the sim only deals, which they should as you cannot get more with any other contract for the money, even retention deals..
  • No m.
    Nice misuse of the word "über" there, Paul. Shame you just picked it up off someone replying to an article the other day. Look up a word before you use it. You might not look like such a twat.
  • Paul S.
    Thanks! Nice to see you've made a return to trolling under a new assumed name! Fairly sure I've been using the word since the site began, but cheers for reading the past 14 months worth of articles to double-check. Maybe it was just a silly play on words, like "a large pint of beer", given that a second is a fixed unit of measurement and prefixing it with "über" makes no difference to the point made in the post.
  • Russ
    ha ha I had similar... £27 a month contract, the best plan suggested a £45 plan!!! I just renewed my contract over the phone which slashed it to £15pm... best plan my arse!
  • FoolsGold
    What's the difference between "Unlimited Anytime Texts" and "Unlimted Texts"??? Surely, unlimited texts work at anytime of the day too?
  • No m.
    @Paul Smith You can actually have an "über" second, since the addition of the word "über" would not suggest a difference in length of the second, but rather a difference in greatness or superiority. As I said in my first post, "Look up a word before you use it. You might not look like such a twat." Or are you suggesting that it really is possible to do the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs?
  • Paul S.
    Struggling to appreciate your concern, friend. If you can have an übersecond, and since I can use it in a throwaway manner without doing any desperate harm to the post, what are you complaining about again? Writing for Bitterwallet ain't like dusting crops, boy.
  • louise w.
    at what point did this post give a shit what an uber second is?? 'no luke, i am your mother' - clearly has nothing better to do than seek attention from cyberspace. no-one pays you attention in this world otherwise, i assume?? i wonder why.... i come on here to look for help and needed info, no-one needs to see your crap. Paul, I am trying to get out of my orange contract - i have 2 contracts currently, one has come to the end of its 24months, one is half way through its 24month term. But i need a new phone, with one contract - how can i reason with them to let me 'upgrade' to a new phone, but only keep one contract?! the contract i'm half way through has hardly been used so was hoping that the best plan review would see that i've only been using a tiny amount of what i signed up for, and in turn let me reduce the monthly payments to something much smaller, so i can afford to keep and upgrade my other contract for the sake of a new phone...BUT only now i realise that the 'best plan' review is not quite what it was sold to me as!! they can only reduce it by £2.50 to the next plan below mine. orange have changed things quite a few times over my contract with them - premium rate charges, general call charges, & what is data roaming?? i get a notice come up when i'm using the net to say i am now data roaming and it may incur charges...?? if i have a data package i thought it was all included, and i certainly haven't been going over the usage. i keep reading bad things about orange and losing confidence in them. now if i haven't confused you enough already - is there ANYTHING i can do to get out of a contract half way through without paying a fee??

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