Orange almost, but not quite, saves the day at Glastonbury

It's Glastonbury next weekend, so you need to get your washing done now and not make plans for a trip to the beach; it'll no doubt sod it down from the holy heavens - it's tradition, an old charter or something. And while we watch torrents of mud sweep underdressed revellers away and slowly will Ferne Cotton's head to implode live on BBC3, those attending Glasto will be faced by the usual quagmire of dilemmas: Where can I go for a dump where I won't catch typhoid? Who drank all my beer? Who's been pissing against my tent again? and How the Christ do I charge my mobile phone in the middle of a field?

There's now an answer to the final question at least; Orange are supplying the dazed and confused with a piece of kit that can charge their mobiles on site. The Orange Power Pump attaches to an air bed pump, which can then be used to create enough charge in a few minutes for a bar or two of battery on your phone:

The video above is utter corporate bullshit, but we thought we'd add it for the vaguely attractive host in leopardskin and her airheaded nonsense of a script. And of course, there are also several hundred mobile charging points on site at Glasto, thereby rendering the thing completely pointless.


  • zeddy
    The cameraman couldn't stop looking at Maya's tits.
  • orangesucks
    why not fully charge your phone before you go to the concert? There's a solution
  • -----
    'orangesucks' what if it lasts longer than one day? Not a very good solution
  • orangesucks
    ------- you need a new phone!
  • > H.
    Who the fuck, (fairly long pause as I would like to know the answer) takes an air bed pump with them to Glastonbury?
  • orangerocks
    @orangesucks maybe '-----' isn't a billy no-mates mate and actually uses their phone.
  • Nader
    Clearly all of you have not got tickets to this years festival, and all you can do is moan! :-)
  • micky h.
    er maybe the product development team need to go to glasto , my phone has never ran out of battery while i was thier, thier cheap phones need an upgrade

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