Operation Yew T-shirt

There's a lot of dodgy t-shirts out there. People willingly walk around with nonsense like 'Bronx Soccer '82' or 'Gianni's Auto Repairs, LA' on their chests like it means anything at all. Others, meanwhile, will wear clothes that say "BABE" or "GEEK" on them, but that's nothing compared to this unfortunate 'dope' tee.

See, if you're going to buy a top that has the word 'DOPE' scattered across it, you're going to actually end up with a shirt that says 'PEDO' all over it.


[via twitter/haayyds]


  • Coran
    That's next years Christmas presents sorted..
  • James E.
    Something like 'Do you know what it is yet?'
  • Heracles
    What's a pedo? Is it derived from the Latin for foot? Or are you bunch of ignorant [email protected] mean paedo derived from the Greek for child?
  • Grammar N.
    @Heracles - you carry on wearing yours then.
  • thecresta
    @Heracles - Yes I think they are mean that.
  • Kevin
    Where can you get this shirt?

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