Oops! Who thought any of these would be a good idea?

Earlier in the year, we covered the launch of the Oops Awards for bad product design. After months of deliberation, the judging panel have come up with the winners – and they’re bunch of shockers.

Taking first place in the Ugliest Product Design category is this, ‘Skin Collection.’ No, us neither…


Winning the big prize in the Silliest Product Design category is ‘Martin The Mule’ a diabolical waste of time and energy…


…although we think handing the second prize to the tree trunk bench is a tad harsh. To our jaded eyes, it simply screams ‘romance!’


More design shockers for you to wince at over at the Oops site.


  • Tom P.
    Looks like the kind of crap you'd find in an IKEA store.
  • Murtin
    Come on Tom. The last one is made out of wood, so you'd never find that in Ikea.
  • Mark (.
    The 'oops' site used to mean something different back in my youth. Good old Robb - dead now of course....
  • Craig
    @Mark Would that be Robbs celebrity oops by any chance? That was a quality site, had it in the favourites when I was a randy teenager.

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