Online trader offers bung for negative feedback removal

Some shady Amazon Marketplace traders have been exposed as evil bribery-doers according to a whistleblower who contacted Which? magazine. Andrew Gittins told the magazine that he’d been offered £5 by online shop Digital Daffodil to remove some negative feedback he’d left about their postage charges.

Andrew had paid £3 for postage for an aerial that arrived in a plastic bag and in a damaged condition. He ignored the request from Digital Daffodil and contacted Which? with his findings.

Digital Daffodil said that they offer buyers the option of removing negative feedback and pays them £5 "for the time you will need to spend to remove the feedback" once the problem has been rectified. Hmmm…

Which? readers have contacted the magazine with other examples of offers being made in exchange for the removal of negative feedback and Amazon claim that these are rare occurrences and that everything in the garden is rosy.

The burning question is… how much would you need to be bunged before you’d remove some negative feedback? Us? A five-minute go on Christine Bleakley off of The One Show. Nothing more, nothing less.



  • TV's P.
    Top post guv. I'd need assurances Adrian wasn't after a three-way though.
  • Tom P.
    Christine Bleakley's teeth could do some serious damage to your knob.
  • RobC
    its a chance I`m willing for you to take
  • Biscuit
    A fiver! You get a better deal on eBay.
  • Sean
    I had an amazon marketplace seller offer me a 4 gig SD card to remove negative feedback (Postage wa stated as courier delivery next day, he sent 2nd class RM!). Had to block the phone number to stop him calling!
  • Mike U.
    RobC, I would also be willing to take that chance, wonder if she could do both at the same time!!!!
  • Antique A.
    Well, since you raise the subject, I wouldn't mind being bunged by Adrian Chiles or Paddy O'Connell or even both D.E.

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