Online registration that'd rather you didn't register, thanks

Plenty of online services require registration of one sort or another, but it's a process that not only monkeys, cats and dolphins can complete, but also souless automatons. That's why CAPTCHAs were created - a password or problem presented as a graphic, a visual test that automated systems can't complete.

That'd certainly sort the men from the machines, except sometimes CAPTCHAS are so fiendishly complex or near-impossible that people fail to pass them, too:



  • Mike H.
    FFS, can't you instantly tell that the developed pattern cannot be made into is B in its 3 dimensional form? Spatial awareness, easy-peasy.
  • ctuk
    1- C 2- cnzf 3- KON1WTUB Do I win anything?
  • Noghar
    Has anyone apart from me noticed that Vue cinemas use Captcha when you're ordering cinema tickets? Obviously because they had problems with spambots buying every seat for screenings of their hero Wall-E. Vue wouldn't mind but the spambots never buy any of their overpriced stale popcorm or puke-flavoured nachos.
  • Scooby P.
    @ Noghar I always thought that the nachos were more bellendy than pukey.
  • acecatcher3
    i went to see fighter on saturday, it was awful.....them confirmation things are quite annoying, i have to enter them random numbers and letters everytime i write a "contact us" form on hotukdeals asking for them to reassess whether i can have my account bk...i wouldnt call it confusing like that one, just annoying as some letters are caps, some arent. (ps andy, our blossoming friendship really will be on the rocks if my AMAZING feral trolley doesnt make an appearance on the site very soon)
  • acecatcher3
  • pauski
    I reckon that the task is similar to that wordsearch in the film about an American Autistic lad - Holy Sh*t - these are the Pakistan launch codes...........What has PS done?
  • Schexy S.
    The RapidShare one (first one) shouldn't really apply. They use the stupid Captchas for free accounts, whereas premium users can bypass it. It's a strategy to increase sales, and from reading topics in forums I can assure you it succeeded.
  • Make B.
    [...] We’ve covered off impossible CAPTCHAs in the past, now BuzzFeed wants you to put a face to the rest of them. Or at least a badly compiled Photoshop image. Their readers are finding pairings of words used to authenticate new accounts and imagining the possibilities. [...]

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